January 17, 2018
Volume 1, Number 2
Workshop & Professional Development
Opportunities on Campus
Here are opportunities for workshops & professional development at Morehead State University:

Workshop series on Diversity (presenters include: Becky Davison, Jami Hornbuckle, Jeannie Justice, Lee Nabb, and Daryl Privott):
  • Is Your Classroom Really Inclusive? - January 25th (Thursday) at 11am in Ginger 311 (21st Century Education Classroom)
  • Expanding Your Comfort Zone: Stereotypes, Bias, & Cultural Competencies - February 15th (Thursday) at 11am in Ginger 311 (21st Century Education Classroom)
  • Social Justice, Diversity, & Equity in Higher Education - March 1st (Thursday) at 11am in Ginger 311 (21st Century Education Classroom)
Magna (Online) Webinars
24/7 Professional Development for Faculty
Featured Webinars:

Should I Take Attendance?
It can be challenging to identify when and how to take attendance to support a positive learning environment. This webinar offers strategies for responding to two particular issues:
  1. Giving students a reason to come to class rather than feeling like the instructor is forcing them to attend.
  2. Creating a positive and supportive perception, rather than a negative view, of the instructor. 

Is Your Syllabus Sending the Wrong Message?
Your syllabus and classroom policies set the tone for your class, but they may not be creating a welcoming learning environment. This webinar provides tips for developing classroom policies to support student engagement and a smooth-running classroom.


MSU has a license to webinars developed by Magna. These resources are available through a password-protected website. For access, faculty need to:
  • Log into MSU’s employee portal.
  • Look under the My Classes (Blackboard) section for the Magna Training Site.
  • If Magna isn't showing up in your list of courses, please send a request to be added to msuonline@moreheadstate.edu.
  • When you click on the Magna Training Site, the Blackboard shell will open. Please note, you will be asked to submit a "Terms of Use" agreement before viewing any webinars.

Benefits of Magna Webinars:

I understand that you have a lot on your plate, so let me give you a few reasons why you should consider trying a Magna webinar:
  • Each webinar takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.
  • All webinars are available on your schedule since they are online and easily accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Webinars include supplemental materials such as bibliographies and handouts.
  • Certificates of completion are available for professional portfolios and Faculty 180.
Conference Call - Pedagogicon
Conference Date: May 18, 2018
Proposal Due Date: February 1, 2018

This national conference is sponsored by the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education. It is held annually at the Richmond campus of Eastern Kentucky University. This year's conference theme is "Student-Centered Teaching and Learning." Proposals for group and/or individual presentations are due by February 1. For more information, please see their website: http://studio.eku.edu/2018-pedagogicon.
Ambassadors for Excellence in Teaching
Morehead State University