April 2018
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Workshop on Data for Risk Assessment of Agricultural Biotechnology Products

The ILSI Research Foundation, in collaboration with the Chinese Society for Agricultural Biotechnology, China Agricultural University, and the ILSI Focal Point in China, is organizing a workshop to take place in Beijing on April 3-4, 2018. Focused on data for risk assessment of genetically engineered plants, the program will feature sessions on regulatory developments and harmonization efforts, food safety testing, and environmental risk assessment. Presenters include representatives from Chinese, American, and Australian governments, as well as experts from the private sector and non-governmental organizations. The event is supported by the United States Department of Agriculture.
M aximizing the Value of Data

In Beijing, our Deputy Executive Director will be delivering a presentation on identifying surrogate environments to meet local field trial requirements. Physical environment accounts for nearly all the variability between trial locations, because the biological and agronomic variables are tightly controlled. This suggests that measures of the physical environment, such as agroclimate, can support a “surrogate environment” approach, facilitating the use of remotely collected data to satisfy local field trial requirements.
Online Courses on Biosafety and Biotechnology

The ILSI Research Foundation offers a suite of eLearning courses related to biosafety and biotechnology, delivering training in an accessible, interactive format. Available to regulatory agencies, the private sector, and academics, our modules provide in-depth information about the risk assessment process of confined field trials and the application of problem formulation to safety assessments of GE Crops.