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Register for a WORKSHOP
Boost your Bike Fit Education
Locations and dates have been set for Bike Fitting workshops for early 2017. You can view the schedule here. Philadelphia ( coming up real soon!), Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City.

Got some staff you want trained up? How about a refresher and update for yourself? Workshop outlines can be seen here.

Get in contact if you have any questions, or are interested in attending.
Visit our Booth
We will be on show at the CABDA Expo in Illinois in a few weeks. Come by and see our new tools and software.

As extra incentive to visit, we will be sharing our booth with industry veteran Richard Schwinn who will be showcasing Waterford Precision Cycles.

Attend the " Business of Bike Fitting" panel discussion at 11.00am on the first morning to get insights and answers to boost your business.
NEW Saddle Tilt Tool
Measure Saddle Tilt Angle
Setting and recording the tilt angle of a saddle is one of the standard bike fit adjustments. A small change in tilt angle can be a big difference in pressure sensation and comfort for the cyclist.

Use this saddle-shaped base plate and mini digital level for checking and adjusting saddle tilt angle. Features a keyhole for hanging it up, and a small steel insert for securing the magnetic digital level. If you already have a level you can buy the base plate on its own.

Use the right tool for the job, and keep your smartphone (and its level app) safely in your pocket, not wobbling about on a saddle.

Available from the Fit Kit Systems store here, or go for the premium digital seat level from Purely Custom, also available through Fit Kit Systems.
Elevating the Cyclist's
Riding Experience.

Size. Fit. Ride!