Spring - Fall 2017
Workshop Update

     We're excited to have a full spectrum of workshops for 2017 and invite you to take a look and contact us for any that you might find interesting.  Most are for training and some for personal growth.  All are for self-knowledge.
   Please click on Workshop Titles for flyers and registration information, including hours, CEUs, fees, and early discounts.

Com ing up this weekend is one with g uest TSI Trainer Linda Ciotola,  workshop facilitator extraordinaire and co-developer of the TSM's Body Double (BD).  Linda will carry on the East Coast Training with The Brain & Trauma: What Works for Healin g, in  late March. Through action, participants learn to use the BD intervention, the brain-in-action, and attachment structures.   Scott Giacomucci is TSM Assistant Leader. 

We invite you to join Dr Kate for the April 21-23, 2017 the Women's Salon , a small group of 6-8 women to meet at Dr. Kate's home in Charlottesville, VA.
It is surprising and sad how much time a nd energy is spent in avoiding grief -- a pattern that costs us dearly in livin g our authentic selves.   At this Salon, we will share stories, grieve losses , and celebrate true spontaneity and creativity through healing moments.  I n safety, the 'sleeping child' awakens. Come join us for a rich weekend in which everyone gets to be a protagonist!

On   Wednesday, April 26th, Francesca Toscani, TEP, conducts a one-evening training on the 4 Roles of the Director, as initially described by Peter Felix Kellerman in 1992: analyst, therapist, group leader/sociometrist, and the producer.  This will be a fun evening, open to all therapists, who will have a chance to experience and define these four roles in action for themselves.  The workshop will be held in West Chester, PA. Lori Budman, LSW, is Assistant Leader for the evening presentation. 

On May 19th - 21st, Kate brings back a powerful Level 1 Training workshop, Transforming the Trauma Triangle.  TSM's Trauma Triangle represents a 
closed circuit of energy embedded in the personality structure of persons who have survived cruelty or trauma, repeating itself as life-long  pattern s of abuse and neglect.  Join us for this workshop and you'll gain a  deeper understanding of the personality and neurobiological structure of PTSD and learn to TSM's Prescriptive Roles and Safety Structures into your repertoire.  Scott Giacomucci is TSM Assistant Leader.

Those who have been part of the TSI/TSM family for years will recognize the image to the left.  It is the one we used since the early 90's for our personal growth and healing workshops from the effects of trauma.  Kate brings back a Surviving Spirits workshop, this time with a focus on addictions: Surviving Spirits: Healing Trauma and AddictionJuly 28th - 30th, in Media, PA.   This workshop focuses on building the spontaneity and creativity needed to face trauma and daily life without the veil of addictions, including eating disorders.  Scott Giacomucci is TSI Assistant Leader.


Yes, we are connected!!!  Monica Forst returns to join Kate in an East Coast Training workshop on August 4th -6th, in Media, PA: 
In this workshop, Kate and Monica bring in the latest research of the neurobiology of trauma and how it relates to that of attachment theory. Participants learn in action to identify their preferred attachment style and, using the TSM modality, to move toward a more secure self-attachment to feel safer in the world.  Personal work and practice of directing skills and team roles all combine for a powerful weekend training.

In November 2017, TSI is happy to bring to the East Coast a Level I I training workshop: The Dance of Transference & Countertransference  in Trauma Work .  Participants learn to identify their own countertransference and defenses that get triggered; regain their Appropriate Authority; 
mirror clients' transferences, and learn the 'asocial response' and other action methods that interrupt and diffuse the negative cycles.  
This is a stand-alone workshop, or part of TSI's certification training, for all psychotherapists who work with trauma.  Scott Giacomucci is TSI Assistant Leader for the workshop.  


We hope to see you soon at one of our workshops.  You may also visit our website calendar for the latest, updated information on these workshops and other happenings at TSI.

For  more information about our Trainers and Team Leaders and on becoming a TSI Trainer and Team member, please visit our  website , where you will find an updated tab for TSI Certification.

Thank you,

Francesca Toscani

for the TSI Family

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