At last! Our county is paving our road – and as I write this. The noise is deafening, and we are house- and office bound for the day. But, the process of adding cement to the existing pavement that’s being ground up at one end of a moving machine and dumped back onto the road at the other is so much fun to watch. We and our neighbors have formed a cheering squad (advisory group), ear plugs and all.

What woodworkers do is so much more discreet and finer in every detail, shaving and shaping, sculpting, so much by touch. Luthiers have the added dimension and sense of sound. Differing woods producing differing resonances and pitch. Working wood is close to magic, and I for one am thrilled to make tools that are part of this experience.

In this issue you will find an interview with archtop guitar genius Bob Benedetto. Bob retired in 2015. At least that’s what he tells people. We know different because Hock Tools makes blades for Bob’s very personally designed and beautiful palm planes. I so enjoyed reading what Bob has to say about his tools and his advice to the newer generation of luthiers, and I hope you will, too.

Of course, if there’s anything you need from Hock Tools, please let me know.