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World Class Vision Tools for Any Robot Application
The Cognex In-Sight 2D Robot Guidance plugin greatly simplifies the communication, hand eye calibration, and vision guided robotics development between a UR robot and Cognex 2D Vision System. The system can be used to guide the robot to specific coordinates, inspect the part after manipulation, and output valuable data for downstream analysis.
The solution is fully integrated into Cognex In-Sight Explorer, allowing user access to the most powerful and robust vision tools in the industry.
New Easy-Maintenance Curve Belt Conveyors
QC Conveyors' new CBC080 Curve Belt Conveyors guide product around a turn, maintaining the same orientation at both infeed and outfeed. The conveyor’s conical pulley and drive system are maintenance-free. Guide rollers flip out of the way while staying attached to allow the belt to be changed in less than 20 minutes. A low-noise design based on an aluminum frame allows them to operate in any environment.
Custom Workstations Improve Efficiencies
Did you know that the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) reports that musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the largest category of workplace injuries? Or that these workplace injuries equate to $20 billion in direct costs to companies (not to mention the indirect costs)? Or that OSHA just raised fines for penalties again this year? 
With 80/20, you can avoid these potentially serious problems, by creating ergonomic workspace solutions that are customized just for you. You’ll have access to a wide range of products for the best workstation to accommodate your specific application.
80/20 is a T-slot construction system you can use to build virtually anything. When you think of 80/20, think of “an erector set” for adults. You mix, match, assemble and reassemble products to create your customized solution or innovation.
Smart 3D Cobot Vision with Gocator
Gocator snapshot sensors use stereo structured light scanners that generate high-density 3D data with a single scan trigger. Each sensor offers onboard data processing, built-in 3D measurement tools, and decision-making logic to scan and inspect any part feature with stop/go motion at speeds up to 6 kHz.
You can use snapshot sensors in a wide variety of factory automation applications. Pair these sensors with Universal Robots for a complete robotic solution that delivers high-performance 3D results in robot vision-guidance, quality control inspection, and automated assembly with smart pick and place.
Sensor-robot integration is easily achieved using the Gocator URcap plugin.
Dog Spotlight- Meet Sadie
Presenting: our thirteenth Dog Spotlight!
If you've visited our Marietta office before, then you already know that we are a pup-friendly workplace. We've decided to feature one of the ACS dogs every other month to let you "meet" them too.

What would you like to know about Jared's dog Sadie?

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