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Eric Vines

In my office, hanging on my coat rack, I have a metal hardhat that belonged to Bill Hagenstein. Next month, September 4 will be the one-year anniversary of Bill's death. He would have been 100.

From all accounts, Bill was a larger-than-life individual, a man of stature and influence who passionately loved the forest and forestry. He enjoyed promoting the benefits of the forest products industry, advancing the appreciation of forestry among the public. He was an early and powerful advocate for reforestation.

This past spring, Bill's estate quietly made a donation to set up a series of lectures by foresters for the general public so that we can continue to help people understand the benefits of forestry. We are thrilled to honor his request.

We'll be developing our plan for these public lectures over the coming months. In the meantime, we want to recognize Bill Hagenstein for his legacy commitment to connect people to the importance of forestry.

Eric Vines
Executive Director

Leadership Hall Spotlight

William D. "Bill" Hagenstein

William D. "Bill" Hagenstein
Born in 1915 and with us until September of 2014, Bill Hagenstein was a modest man, but utterly passionate about his profession. He put 75 years into it. In his own words, "I'm a forester. Some days that meant I fought fires to save the timber from burning.  Some days I battled insects to save the timber from being eaten to death.  Some days I planted seeds to grow more timber, and some days I chopped trees down 'til the sun set...I've kicked dirt, butted heads, and won a few more battles than I lost...But through it all, I'm a forester. And I'm goddamned proud of it."
Bill began his career at the age of 12, working in logging camps during summers.  By the time he was 19, he held his first foreman's job.  He earned a Master of Forestry degree from Duke University and then went to work for the West Coast Lumberman's Association where he later became their chief forester.  The WCLA, in turn, created the Industrial Forestry Association and named Bill its manager.  IFA's mission was to develop a permanent timber supply in the Douglas fir region.  Soon he was elected executive vice president, a position he held until his retirement in 1980.  By that time, IFA Nurseries had grown 500 million trees that reforested a million acres on tree farms in western Washington and Oregon. 

Bill rose to prominence as one of the most important American and Northwestern foresters in the 20th century, advocating for sound national and regional forestry policies to protect our forests and ensure their continuing productivity.  In 1987 the Society of American Foresters awarded him their Gifford Pinchot medal. By then he had provided expert testimony to a variety of agencies, state legislatures, and Congress on a least 250 occasions, spoken publicly 770 times in support of improved forestry practices, published more than 500 articles, and co-authored a textbook widely used by forestry schools throughout the world. Personally, he considered his participation in the historic founding of our nation's Tree Farm Program back in 1942 to be one of his crowning achievements.  It set up a national certification program for owners who pledge to dedicate their lands to the permanent growth, protection, and harvesting of trees. Yes, Bill was a forester. He cherished trees and the enduring renewal of forests.

Gifford Pinchot's Induction 

Announced on 150th Birthday

The World Forestry Center and the Pinchot Institute for Conservation are pleased to announce that the World Forestry Center will induct Gifford Pinchot into its Leadership Hall. Pinchot's ethic of "the greatest good, for the greatest number, in the long run" still resonates today, the 150th anniversary of his birth.

Gifford Pinchot's Leadership Hall induction will support the Research Fellows Program of the Pinchot Institute as well as the forest education program of the World Forestry Center. The Pinchot Institute and the World Forestry Center partner to advance sustainable forestry research and education.

The center's Leadership Hall was established in 1971 to honor those who have made significant and meaningful contributions to the advancement of forestry. 

Learn more about the Pinchot Institute for Conservation
Gifford Pinchot

50th Anniversary Gala

The World Forestry Center's magical 50th Anniversary celebration  "Eat Dessert First" on February 6, 2016, will boast the most beautiful centerpieces thanks to the talented Travis Rigby, owner of   FlowerBox.  

When it 
comes to design, function, and cost, FlowerBox kicks glass! FlowerBox is an innovative flower vase company specializing in colorful, smart, recyclable flower vases perfect for every occasion. 

Washington Park Campus
New Mural Brightens Up Lower Plaza

Artist Morgan Bricca created a new mural in front of the World Forestry Center, adding elements of light and mystery to the painted forest landscape. Photo: www.fritzphoto.com

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World Forest Institute News
WFI Fellowship Program Gains Another Scholar
Harry Merlo Hosts WFI Fellows at MC Ranch
The WFI Fellowship Program welcomed Dr. Chao-Nien "Carol" Koh in July as the sixth international Fellow for 2015. Carol comes to us from Taipei where she works as a researcher at the Taiwan Forest Research Institute. Much of Carol's work has focused on birds. She has conducted bird biodiversity surveys in natural forests, plantations, preserves and afforested units. Recently, she turned her focus to birds in urban areas. She comes to Portland with an interest in learning about habitat preservation and conservation of urban bird populations. She hopes to learn from organizations like the Audubon Society and others to develop tools and techniques to protect the urban birds in her home city. 

Carol Koh, is not a stranger to the US or even the Pacific Northwest. She lived here many years ago, completing her MS degree at the University of Washington. 

WFI Fellow Carol Koh
Stay tuned for the arrival of another Fellow soon;  Enkeleda Pjetri from Albania!
WFI Fellows at MC Ranch
MC Ranch has been an annual retreat for the WFI Fellows for nine years now and has become an important component of the WFI Fellowship Program. An opportunity to learn about rural life, forestry, and farming in an eastern Oregon landscape often creates a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many. Walking through the yellow pines and mixed conifers of the Blue Mountains, WFI Fellows discover new landscapes and ecosystems, as well as a different framework for thinking about forest management. 

Ranch manager Rex Christensen spends the week teaching the Fellows about how he cares for the land. As a rancher and a forester, Rex has a big job of ensuring that the health of the forest balances with the sustainability and economic goals of the ranch. This year, the week was filled with rounded discussions on these topics, many interactive moments, such as learning how to operate a harvester machine and seeing how biomass is produced, and "western" style fun like riding horses and catching fish out of the creek. A great summary of the week came from Malaysian Fellow Robert Mijol who said, "I will remember this trip for the rest of my life and share this story around the world."

Tree Planting in China to Honor World Forestry Center

Many thanks to recent visitor Ms. Tianli Qiao of Jane Goodall Institute China (JGI) for sharing the news with Senor Fellow Rick Zenn that 100 trees will be planted next spring in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia to honor the important work of the World Forestry Center. 

Tianli was born in Inner Mongolia and today coordinates the JGI Roots and Shoots Million Tree Project in Shanghai. She was in Oregon recently as a participant in the 2015 World Forestry Center International Educators Institute. Making the presentation, she reported "these trees will contribute to the fight against desertification and global climate change" and is part of an international initiative to improve ecological and humanitarian conditions in China. 

For more information about the Roots and Shoots project, visit their website here.

Facility Rentals
Celebrate Your Wedding at the World Forestry Center

Planning a 2016 wedding?

Weekends are still available in our beautiful halls but they are filling fast! Contact the Facility Rental Department at 503-488-2101 or eventsales@worldforestry.org for more information. 

Photo left: ykvision.com ; Photo right:  jacquelynnbrynn.com

Art Gallery Now Open

The  World Forestry Center  and  The Geezer Gallery  are jointly presenting a fourth installment in a four-part exhibition: Forestial, Salvage, Inhabit & Gather.

The works presented are created by The Geezer Gallery's acclaimed artists. The Geezer Gallery artists share with us their wisdom and creative expression, the result of experience accumulated through years well-lived. A wise person once said, "we can't learn everything for ourselves in one lifetime, but we can learn from each other."

These shows remind us of our link to the forests of the world. Forestial means "see forest." This first installment focused on flora evoking a woodland experience. The second part of our series, Salvage, displayed works born from reclaimed and reused materials. These shows remind us of the link to the forests of the world. The third show, Inhabit, implied "occupy, dwell, and reside;" works highlighting the relationship between people and forests. Gather reflects our focus on linking the globe and bringing together the forest community. The artwork in the last installation features pieces that reflect grouping and coming together. 

We hope you will join us to explore the connections between people and forests through this fascinating exhibit.

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