Last month, at the Oregon Business Plan statewide gathering, Michael Green delivered a remarkable presentation about the future of building with wood. I have seen him talk before and so I was prepared for his inspiring message that compared architects to dieticians and the notion that limiting our structural building materials to concrete and steel, was akin to limiting our dining options to TV dinners. Sure you can live on fishsticks and french fries, but it doesn't compare to eating fresh fish and fresh mashed potatoes. Wood brings buildings to life and makes them healthier, safer, and more enjoyable.


I believe our society is on the verge of a forestry renaissance, with exciting new wood products and new technologies being developed that let us use trees more efficiently and more effectively while better preserving the natural aspects of forests that so many of us love. As a society we are also are rediscovering that forest health contributes directly to human health, with evidence that even a short walk in the woods can provide demonstrated health benefits.


The World Forestry Center is working hard to contribute to the great work being done by OFRI, SAF, Ecotrust, the Nature Conservancy, land trusts, Woodworks and many other wonderful organizations that are working to promote smart forest use. For our part, we are celebrating the international aspect of forestry, bringing researchers from around the world to study Northwest Forestry Practices, exchanging ideas and techniques, and documenting methods for improving sustainable forest management. And every year we are teaching tens of thousands of kids about the wonders of forests and trees in our museum and tree farm. But adequately conveying the scope and depth of our work remains a challenge and we must keep working to share the message of hope and health for the incredible natural resource that our world forests represent. There is much to do, much to share, much to connect. 2015 is going to be a magnificent year. I resolve to eat healthier and appreciate our forests more.


Watch Michael Green for yourself! His presentation delivers an important message about the future of wood!  



Eric Vines

Executive Director



World Forestry Center Leadership Hall  
Adolf Hertrich Honored


Mr. Adolf Hertrich looked outside the box. It was 1967, and German-born Adolf saw himself selling American-milled lumber to the Japanese. Given the incredibly exacting standards of Japanese carpenters, this was a difficult prospect. But that didn't stop Mr. Hertrich. It just meant that he'd have to find a way to prove to the Japanese that he and his product would be worthy. It took a lot of hard work and a lot of cultural learning. Today, Mr. Hertrich's company, Vanport Manufacturing, is one of the most respected suppliers of specialty Japanese lumber in the world. And this past November, Mr. Hertrich was inducted into the World Forestry Center Leadership Hall.



Many thanks to Jim Fisher for preparing the full biography on display in Leadership Hall. 



This past year we have seen five research Fellows come through our International Fellowship Program. While experiencing life and culture in Oregon, they have learned best practices in forestry, enriching their lives both personally and professionally.

Our Indonesian Fellow, Sudiyah Istichomah, had some real eye-opening moments during her Fellowship program. She said that being away from home engendered a strong desire to use the information she was learning here to help Indonesians better care for their natural resources, especially in her home town of Boyolali. Sudiyah summarized her time at WFI by saying "I hope there will always be an opportunity for more candidates to work and learn in WFI. I believe that this once in a lifetime experience will change not only one person's life but also change the world."


Learn more about the World Forest Institute and the International Fellowship Program on our website.   


World Forest Institute Alumni Updates  

Two WFI Alumni have recently made professional transitions to Finnish forestry consulting firms.


Claudio Ortolan (Brazil 1996-97) recently joined P�yry Management Consulting's office in Curitiba, Brazil.  P�yry is a global consulting and engineering company with a long established history in forestry. 


Claudio was previously Director of New Investment in Brazil for Global Forest Partners, and a Project Manager at Klabin. He is also a member of the board of directors of the World Forestry Center.


Blair Freeman (Australia 1997-98, pictured above) is now part of Indufor Group's new Australian Office based in Melbourne, where he is Indufor Asia Pacific (Australia) Head of Strategy and Sustainability.  Indufor is a Finnish consultancy servicing clients across the forest and forest industry value chainsaround the world. 


Blair was previously a Senior Consultant with URS Forestry in Australia, where he led several projects providing planning and advisory services on forest policy, strategic planning, forest resource management and sustainable development, across Australia as well as the Asia Pacific region.

Visit our alumni page to see what all our alumni are up to!



Partnerships and Education
Mt. St. Helens Institute

For the past three years, Senior Fellow Rick Zenn and the WFI Fellows have joined the Mount St. Helens Institute and Washington high school students in the "blast zone" to study ecological responses to the 1980 eruption of Mt St Helens. Scientists, students, and their teachers camp overnight at the volcano and spend a full day using scientific instruments to collect aquatic and terrestrial field data as part of the state Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathmatics (STEM) initiative. The data is aggregated from the work of several schools and students then develop questions based on their interests.

At the end of the project, students gather at Washington State University Vancouver to present their findings and share their experiences with working scientists. Rick Zenn represented the World Forestry Center and served on the "Careers in Science" panel. "It's great to get the kids out on the mountain for a few days. And, so impressive to see all their projects and hear about their thinking process and conclusions. It is a pleasure be a partners on this."  





Happenings in the Education Department


Are you wanting an in-depth tour of the World Forestry Center Discovery Museum or our Magness Tree Farm from a forestry education specialist?

Visitors to our museum recently had a presentation from Education Director Rob Pierce about about how forests function and why some of our assumptions may be incorrect. He did a comparison for the group showing that even though the Sugar Pine cones and seeds are much larger than the Giant Sequoia's, the Sugar Pine is actually the smaller tree.

Gather a group and come get a unique tour like this! The Education Department provides specialized programming for school groups, private groups, home-schools, Boy Scouts, and other interested parties by appointment. Visit our website to book a tour for your group today!

You can also download our program guides to see what programs might work for you and whatever age group you work with. Find more information here.




Upcoming Event!
Thank You!
2014 Donors and Sponsors

Burmese Fellow to give presentation on February 4, 2015

Ms. Wai Wai Than, our first Fellow from Myanmar, will give a presentation about her research on invasive species  management and risk assessment.


Please join us for:


Information Gaps in Management of Invasive Species in Myanmar
Wednesday, February 4, 2015
4 pm in the Discovery Museum Theater
Admission is free and you will have the opportunity to mingle with colleagues while having a glass of wine (or Burmese Beer!) and some light snacks.
1 SAF Continuing Education Credit Available!

Download the program flyer or visit our website for more information.

We have amazing supporters!

We had a tremendous amount of support in 2014 and want to thank each and every one of you who contributed to the continued success of our organization.

We are so proud to be honored by you and your generosity. Your support helps to carry forward the mission and work of the World Forestry Center.  


Come visit a special exhibition of Harper's Trees at the Discovery Museum, February 1 - 28, 2015.

In collaboration with the Portland Child Art Studio, the World Forestry Center will be showcasing art from Harper, an 8 year old artist who draws her inspiration from trees. Read The Oregonian article about Harper.

Come see her trees throughout the month of February and be as thrilled as we are by her ability to render and capture the spirit of trees.

Come to the Opening Reception Sunday, February 1, 1-3 pm.  
Click here for the exhibit postcard so you don't forget!


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