A Message from Our Executive Director

Eric Vines

Reaching into the breast pocket of my tuxedo, pulling out my speech, exhaling deeply, I stepped lightly up the three short stairs to the stage encircled by nearly 200 of the World Forestry Center's most distinguished supporters-friends who had gathered to help us celebrate our first 50 years as an organization. And they had already eaten their dessert.

In an event like this, it is important to highlight history and past accomplishments. But even more than our past successes, I wanted to convey the sense of importance I felt about the work the World Forestry Center has yet to do. For all we've accomplished in 50 years, it's what lies ahead that inspires us to work so hard today.

The World Forestry Center is evolving, working hard to understand how we can have an even greater impact on the world. Given what's at stake, including a growing population and a changing climate, we know we must get this right.  Every person on this planet benefits by having healthy abundant working forests that provide social, ecological and economic benefits.

Our job is to figure out how to inspire more champions of working forests, people who can help forests thrive in the face of mounting pressures.

When the speeches were over and the BodyVox dancers had taken the stage with their series of playful dances, I had a moment to reflect on the work ahead. This night was a milestone for our organization, not only of time, but of accomplishment. I believe, however, that our greatest achievements lie yet undone, our greatest contributions yet unrealized.

Over the next 50 years, humanity will face its greatest tests. Given the importance of forests to nearly every aspect of our lives, our work to cultivate and sustain viable working forests may be humanity's greatest hope. Our work continues. 

Eric Vines
Executive Director  
Leadership Hall Spotlight
50th Anniversary Leadership Hall Honorees
We want to thank these distinguished World Forestry Center Leadership Hall Inductees for joining us at the 50th  Anniversary  Gala celebration.  We gave a special tribute to Harold Miller and his family for his contribution to Miller Hall where we held the Gala.  Click on the photo below to read their complete biography.  
James E. Brown
1940 -

Dean DeChaine
1936 -

Daniel M. Dutton
1947 -
Alan C. Goudy
1930 -

Gary Hartshorn
1943 -

Harry A. Merlo
1925 -

Harold A. Miller
1903 - 1981
Darrell H. Schroeder
1923 -

Dieter Siempelkamp
1933 -

Henry T. Swigert
1930 -
50th Anniversary Gala
Eat Dessert First An Evening to Delight the Senses
50th Anniversary Gala Video
50th Anniversary Gala Video
Gaby Siempelkamp

Bobsy Graham and Prue Miller

Alumni Fellows with WFI Staff

Executive Director Eric Vines 

Liz Warren and Hank Swigert

Harry Merlo and Antoinette Hatfield

Flo Merlo, Harry Merlo
and Christina Blackwell

Jamey Hampton and Wendy Mitchell, Director of Development

Charles Lilley and Joanne Lilley

World Forest Institute 
Eight WFI alumni from Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America returned to the World Forestry Center campus for a special luncheon with the Board of Directors that celebrated accomplishments of the International Fellowship program, which now boasts 119 alumni from 37 countries. WFI Director Sara Wu reminded the group that the World Forestry Center has been convening people-not policies or programs-for many years, and that "the importance of the work we do at WFI is defined less in terms of "what," but rather "who" ... because ultimately it's people who will champion working forests."  Each alumnus then spoke briefly and emotionally about what the Fellowship program did for their careers and what it has meant to them to be a part of the World Forestry Center.   
In attendance at the luncheon was (from left to right), WFI Sr. Programs Manager, Chandalin Bennett; WFI Int'l Fellowship Program Manager, Shadia Duery; Fellow Gabriel Salako, Nigeria 2011; Fellow John Turland, Australia 2006-07; WFI Director, Sara Wu; Fellow Rainer Hummel, Germany 1994-95; Fellow Mario Angel, Chile 2001; Fellow KT Park, S. Korea 2006-2007; Fellow Deepak Tamang, Nepal 2007-08; WFC Senior Fellow, Rick Zenn; and Fellow Stuty Maskey, Nepal 2015. Not shown, Fellow Jes Munk Hansen, Denmark 1994-95.
Enrich your life by hosting a World Forest Institute International Fellow.

For more information contact: Shadia Duery, International Fellowship Program Manager at  sduery@worldforestry.org or 503-488-2110.

World Forestry Center Conferences 

The World Forestry Center's March 1-2 conference on " Changing Dynamics of the Asia-Pacific Wood Trade" is offering a special $750 discounted rate to those who attended last year's Who Will Own the Forest? or Forest Products Forum events.  There's still time to register for this inaugural event that is approved for Society of American Foresters 10.5 CFE Cat.1 continuing education credits.  Here is a list of some of the companies attending.  
Campbell Global
Christensen Lumber
Eagon Industrial
Empresas Tromen
Forest Economic Advisors
GreenWood Resources, Inc.
Hancock Forest Management
Ilim Timber
International Tropical Timber Organization
Lone Rock Timber Management Company
Millwood Timber
New Forests Asset Management
Northwest Farm Credit Services
Olympic Resource Management
Pacific Lumber & Shipping
Port Blakely Tree Farms
Port Townsend Paper
Poyry Management Consulting
Sierra Pacific Industries
Sojitz Canada Corporation
Taiga Building Products
TerraSource Valuation
The Beck Group
TimberWest Forest Company
Vanport International
Western Wood Products Assn
Wood Creek Capital Management
Woodtech Measurements
World Resources Institute
Zambia National Association for Sawmillers
Zindia Ltd
Join us for a multi-faceted discussion on this important topic. Registration is open at: http://apwoodtrade.worldforestry.org/
This event is co-organized by DANA Ltd. and the World Forest Institute .  If you're interested in speaking or sponsoring, please contact Sara Wu at swu@worldforestry.org.

World Forestry Center Art Gallery

ROT: The Afterlife of Trees is a multi-media exhibit collaboration with Dr. Mark Harmon, Professor and Richardson Chair in Forest Science at OSU, H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, Spring Creek Project at OSU, Contemporary Music Department at OSU and The Arts Center. A variety of visual, written and performing arts media resulted from the project.
This extraordinary show featuring rot and decomposing wood as a theme will be on display at the World Forestry Center Art Gallery from March 11 through May 1, 2016.

I Owe a Great Deal To Prevailing Westerly Winds And
Fading Cascadian Light
Breanne Sherwood
Woven, crocheted, and knitted
hand-dyed wool, cotton, and silk
Leah Wilson
 Gouache on paper

    Jeanne Drevas
    Wood burning on Douglas fir

 Free Art Gallery Admission   *    Open Discovery Museum Hours

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