April 7th is designated World Health Day by the World Health Organization (WHO), with this year's theme focused on depression. We value college health initiatives both on-campus and through nonprofit organizations across the country that focus on physical and mental health awareness. One of the many organizations we celebrate is the JED Foundation, an organization dedicated to mental health outreach across 156 campuses nationwide.
 In recognition of World Health Day, we would like to highlight our editorial intern and First Gen student, Troy Seppala, who despite being diagnosed with Type II Bipolar Disorder at the start of his college career, forged his path to success through his determination and resilience.
Read his inspiring story of transformation on the Huff Post HERE.  
Meet some of our outstanding health speakers who are empowering future generations and paving the way for inclusion and equity
Dr. Jeff Berliner 
D.O., Physician,Craig Hospital

Jeffrey C. Berliner, D.O., joined the medical staff at Craig Hospital after working as Clinical Director of Spinal Cord Injury Medicine at TIRR Memorial Hermann. He completed his fellowship in Spinal Cord Injury Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine after graduating from residency at Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine in June 2008. He received his medical degree in 2004 at Nova Southeastern University, College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Berliner's primary focus is on caring for patients recovering from spinal cord injuries. His clinical and research include current concepts in neurorecovery, treatment of paraplegic and tetraplegic patients, and prevention of secondary complications related to spinal cord injury. He is a member of the American Spinal Cord Injury Membership and Program Committee, Association of Academic Physiatrists, American Academy of Physiatrists, International Spinal Cord Society, and The Neurorecovery Network-Health Committee.

Here's what he had to say about the GlobalMindED movement: "It is a pleasure to learn about the GlobalmindED movement! The work, education, policy making and influencing, and global leadership that you and your organization nurture and provide is amazing and humbles me...The mission of GlobalmindED provides food for the soul in a time when nationally we are moving away from the goals of being global minded and helping all humans. I feel honored to be introduced to such a wonderful organization and look forward to providing a discussion around free health care for those with disabilities who have no insurance; Rehabilitation Services Volunteer Partnership (RSVP-CO)."

Danielle Posa
Wellbeing + Leadership Advisor/CEO, Efileno Corporation

Danielle is a public speaker, corporate trainer, and management consultant. She educates and advises leaders and their organizations on the value of maximizing the quality of life (wellbeing) of the people they influence. Danielle also co-founded the Radical Wellbeing Movement with Deepak Chopra. Together they develop and lead forward-thinking seminars on wellbeing & conscious leadership. Danielle speaks publicly to various audiences about her  experience as a Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer survivor and is a public speaker for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Jack Chen
Founder & CEO, Cognitive Leap Solutions Inc.

Mr. Chen is an entrepreneur and expert in US-China cross-border investment. He is an early stage investor and board member in cognitive science firm Magceutics/Neurocentria. As a board member of the Methodist Hospital Foundation, Mr. Chen raises money to support the non-profit Methodist Hospital. Mr. Chen is also an international investment advisor to the Beijing Municipal Government. Previously Mr. Chen led the $450mm acquisition of Nexteer Automotive from GM and helped create the most valuable cement company (Anhui Conch Cement) in China.
2017 GlobalMindED Health Track Topics
  • Emerging Health Technologies: Mobile, Wearables, Telemedicine and Other Breakthroughs Improving Access
  • Health Leaders Setting Inclusive Standards
  • Global Initiatives, Local Lessons
  • Health Equity: Reversing Rural & Urban Food Deserts
  • The Mental Health Imperative: Choices, Coaching, Outreach, Cognitive Resilience
  • Healthcare Innovation Improving Access and Equity
  • Health Disparities: Possibilities in the Blind Spots
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The Digital Inclusion Award 
Deadline for nominations: April 30, 2017
Notification of winner by: May 15, 2017

The Digital Inclusion Award sponsored by WCET/WICHE and GlobalMindED is a unique recognition of an individual, organization or program having shown significant impact on first- generation learner populations with regard to increasing involvement in Global Digital Leadership. Digital Inclusion is not about infrastructure, it is about what learners DO with the infrastructure to harvest the bounty of new ideas and perspectives.

First-Gen Student Leadership Program

Recruit your outstanding students for the 2017 First-Gen Leadership Program. Program includes:
  • Design-Thinking Pre-Conference - 6/21
  • Networking Development
  • Reception for First Gen students - 6/22
  • Career Fair - 6/23
All applications must be in by May 1, 2017.

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