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World Human Rights Network Holds News Conference On Air For
 70th World Human Rights Day 
December 10th, 2018

World Human Rights Network  Chairman Al Bartell is urging that the time is right for a world human rights communication to come from the American people.  On World Human Rights Day, Monday, December 10, 2018 from 12noonEST to 1:00pmEST, the World Human Rights Network will issue an impact statement at an interactive on-the-air news conference for that very purpose.

The radio broadcast news conference will take place at the long-standing, award-winning  gospel and entertainment radio station WIGO-AM 1570 in metropolitan Atlanta. The news conference programming will begin with a 30-minute on-air presentation by Chairman Bartell segueing immediately into a 30-minute on-location news conference for local-national-international media participation.

"The American President withdrew our human rights commitment to the United Nations," notes Bartell. "That does not mean the American people have withdrawn their commitment to world human rights.

"The World Human Rights Network sees the critical opportunity of Human Rights Day as a fitting moment for America to communicate it has not withdrawn from the World Human Rights Council, it has not withdrawn from its commitment to world human rights in the 21st century.

"Rather, on Dec. 10th, 2018, the 70th anniversary of the honoring of world human rights, America gets to communicate a new commitment, impacting the global conversation and the human rights stakeholders in that conversation.

"The World Human Rights Network will be holding roundtable discussions, development sessions, summits, and conferences throughout next year to support the development of America's new world human rights commitment in language. The intention of the World Human Rights Network is to build a communications framework that gives world human rights stakeholders the ability to communicate their commitment effectively in the 21st century."

Chairman Bartell states the World Human Rights Network will be releasing the impact statement with America's new commitment to all members of the United Nations Human Rights Council, as well as to all members of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and Subcommittee on Human Rights before Dec. 10th World Human Rights Day. The statement will include an invitation to participate in the Dec. 10th live program/news conference and provide a responsive public statement that can be shared during the World Human Rights Day programming at WIGO.

The entire hour of World Human Rights Day coverage at WIGO will be live video-streamed on Facebook as well as on YouTube and can be attended/watched remotely around the world via free Zoom meeting on the Internet.  S..E. Region News will be managing the interactive news conference, with the support of WIGO staff and its video/internet partners.

The World Human Rights Day 2018 program is open to sponsorship and donations to cover production/on air coverage. The coverage/footage will be made available free to the public for post-event viewing online across the world.

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