World Invocation Full Moon Meditation




Friday, May 24th  

at 8:45pm PDT 


8:45pm PDT ; 9:45pm MDT ;  

10:45pm CDT ; 11:45pm EDT 

International Times 


(peak of the Full Moon is May 25th at 4:25am UT)



As with all Avatars, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, the Lord Christ comes from the "Heart of God" to help preserve humanity. World Invocation Day, also known as the Christ Festival, is a special day of prayer and meditation. This third powerful full moon gives humanity an opportunity to channel, anchor and distribute the Immense Love and Blessings generated and brought down to Earth by the Lord Buddha, the Lord Christ, Spiritual Elders & Spiritual Practitioners during the Wesak Festival last month. This is also why this is called the World Invocation Day by the Holy Master Djwhal Khul through Alice Bailey.

As humanity sincerely recites The Great Invocation, we are all participating in the continuous generation and distribution of the Triple Energies from the Higher Beings. This is why in this special Full Moon Meditation, you are invited to listen and participate in the discourse by Master Co, "The Great Invocation and the Trinity Within".

Please prepare yourself properly. Take a salt bath and be sure to have a quiet space for meditation. Also have your projects/people/things available to be Blessed after the Meditation.

Be sure to have a Salt Bowl nearby during the meditation. The Salt Bowl will help to absorb/disintegrate the dirty energies that are expelled from your bodies during this Intense Meditation.

Please Join us for this Sacred Event!


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