World Menopause day
18th October
Hot flushes are a one of the most distressing symptoms following menopause in women, along side joint pains, low mood and weight gain. They are even worse for women and some men given anti-hormone treatments after breast and prostate cancer.

In support of the World Menopause day we have posted a summary of the most relevant lifestyle and nutritional tips which could help you deal with this tedious symptom.

In this post you find practical information on:

  • Cause of hot flushes >>
  • Medical interventions for hot flushes
  • Lifestyle tips to help you cope
  • Which complementary therapies could help
  • Which diets could help
  • Information about the newly recognised importance of gut health
  • Why Vitamin D has an increasing role
  • Which supplements could work and which will not
  • Results of the Tokyo menopause study