This June, in celebration of World Oceans Month, our community came together in a big way. On June 8th we joined Too Big to Ignore’s international panel series highlighting small-scale fisheries around the world. And on June 15, we stormed the Twitter gates in a blitz campaign to tell our decision-makers that #FishermenAreEssential and to #HelpUsHelpYou provide seafood to local and regional communities in need.

Over 60 organizations representing millions around the country shared our message with members of Congress. This effort built upon recommendations that our network made in March, calling for the next federal stimulus package to protect the livelihoods of food producers and workers, and invest in resilient business models that are bolstering local and regional seafood systems.

As the crisis reveals cracks within the globalized seafood supply chain, we must continue forging a better seafood system that prioritizes the ocean and communities over profits. It bears repeating that we could not have done these campaigns without each and every one of you who participated. So as we look ahead, we know that it is only together that we can push this momentum even further.

You can download our  social media toolkit  for email templates, social posts, hashtags, and graphics to help us sustain pressure on our decision-makers! 

Recent Events
The Slow Fish Crew Together Webinar Series had its most recent installment this past month. During the webinar, participants heard the story of salmon from the perspective of those who live on the water and in the communities that depend on salmon for their livelihoods and culture. Speakers discussed their connections to the vital resource that salmon is, the challenges they face, and their determination in meeting these challenges. If you missed the webinar, you can watch the live recording on youtube.

On June 8th, we took part in Too Big to Ignore’s “Small is Bountiful” World Oceans Day, during their 24-hour around the world virtual event of panelists and Small Scale Fisheries Art Festival. Our panel included NAMA’s Coordinating Director, Niaz Dorry, NAMA’s board president, Jason Jarvis, as well as international allies discussing access to fisheries resources and seafood markets.  Watch the live recording here .

On Friday, June 12th we joined fellow environmental and climate justice advocates to celebrate World Oceans Day and rally collectively to protect the ocean. Joining the rally were Marine Biologist Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Actress and Activist Jane Fonda, Greenpeace USA Oceans Director John Hocevar, Ocean Conservation Icon Dr. Sylvia A. Earle, and our very own Coordinating Director, Niaz Dorry (NAMA).   If you missed the rally, we encourage you to watch the live recording on Facebook.

HEAL Food Alliance has been facilitating a series of webinars for their members, which is part of their greater initiative Opportunity for All Producers . Their most recent webinar, Sowing the Seeds of Liberation, was led by a group of powerful BIPOC food producers: Roberto Nutlouis of Black Mesa Water Coalition, Krysten Aguilar of La Semilla, Sonia Galiber and Shania Morris of Soil Generation, who are reclaiming community control over land and food while providing access and sustainable measures to grow food. NAMA had the opportunity to speak alongside these inspirational presenters and shared about seafood and its position within the food justice movement. If you missed the webinar, we would encourage you to watch the live recording on Facebook .

We're Taking Action

In early May, we released an official statement condemning the Trump Administration's Executive Order, which effectively expands factory fish farms, dangerously deregulates the fishing industry, and promotes the export of our seafood. These measures seem to benefit globalized industrial fishing and aquaculture businesses at the expense of the local and regional seafood industry. To push back, we launched an online campaign targeting key decision-makers in the US Senate. We asked fellow community members, partners, and advocates to share our message online and to participate in a Twitter blitz directed at the Senate in support of local fisheries. The fight isn’t over. We encourage you to continue to use your platforms to push Congress toward positive action for our fishing communities. Our social media toolkit is available for you to use. Tell Congress why supporting local fisheries is critical now more than ever. #FishermenAreEssential

On May 14th, Real Food Generation released a report titled “Be-Trayed: How Kickbacks in the Cafeteria Industry Harm Our Communities—And What To Do About It,”  which shines a light on long-hidden business practices employed by food service corporations. Check out Food and Power’s coverage of Real Food Generation’s report here

As a member of the Real Meals Campaign, NAMA is helping to elevate the voices of fishermen and women as well as highlight the impact that corporate ‘kickbacks’ have on our seafood system. Join us in spreading awareness by using this toolkit .

Community Support & Resources for the Revol-Ocean 

  • Download our social media toolkit for email templates, social posts, hashtags, and graphics to help us sustain pressure on decision-makers!