This month we would like to highlight and lift up the World Refugee Day, which is commemorated on June 20  each year. The plight of refugees around the world intersects with many other systemic injustices such as the exploitation of natural resources and environmental contamination, climate change, economic exploitation and poverty, increasing violence, racism and xenophobia. 

It is estimate that at any given moment there are at least 20 people in the world who are fleeing their homes to escape war, persecution, or unsustainable living environments. With increasing numbers of refugees seeking safety and shelter through forced migration, we hear many calls to close borders and turn a blind eye to those in need. But we also know there are always signs of hope all around us, and that we too are called to be signs of hope by doing our part to welcome and love those in need, honoring their human dignity. 

We are grateful for the many ways the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word have responded to the needs of migrants and refugees by opening houses of hospitality, assisting in providing food, clothing and other needed supplies, and volunteering countless hours to serve the most vulnerable among us. 

As Pope Francis reminds us, "it is not only the cause of migrants that is at stake; it is not just about them, but about all of us, and about the present and future of the human family." May this World Refugee Day be a reminder and recommitment for all of us to work for a more just and loving world.  

On World Refugee Day, held every year on June 20th, we commemorate the strength, courage and perseverance of millions of refugees. This year, World Refugee Day also marks a key moment for the public to show support for families forced to flee. READ

Pope Francis' Reflection
Migrants, refugees, displaced persons and victims of trafficking have become emblems of exclusion. In addition to the hardships that their condition entails, they are often looked down upon and considered the source of all society's ills. READ

Lord and Master,
Many are the journeys your people have taken...

Whether you're a walker, a jogger or a competitive athlete, you can join this truly global effort and make every step count for refugees. Sign up today to start adding your miles and find out how you'll be making a difference.
Support Refugees and Stop Human Trafficking.  We know that there is a strong link between forced migration and human trafficking. Men, women, and children are made vulnerable to human trafficking by the mass displacement caused by violence, extreme poverty, humanitarian crises, climate change, natural disasters, and conflict. READ

Top Four Ways to Take Action #WithRefugees.  
Thursday, June 20th ─ and the entire month of June ─ we come together to celebrate the courage and resilience of refugees and their contributions to U.S. communities. Here are the top 4 Ways to Protect Refugees and Restore the U.S. Resettlement Program. READ
Local Events
For Sisters and Friends in San Antonio, TX and St. Louis, MO we encourage you to attend the following events to celebrate World Refugee Day 2019.