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Everyone at AURA would like to thank those of you who have taken part in our advocacy efforts to date. Many of you have sent letters and emails to the Prime Minister, the Minister for Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada and your local Members of Parliament.   Together we have asked the Government to increase the number of refugee cases available to Canadians to sponsor.   This World Refugee Day, June 20th, AURA is hosting a workshop that will further enable you and your sponsoring groups to continue to advocate for refugees. 

As part of our ongoing efforts to increase the number of refugees available to refugee sponsors, we have organized a workshop to help prepare sponsorship groups and other interested community members to advocate effectively with their Member of Parliament. Ryan Weston, Social Justice & Advocacy Consultant with the Diocese of Toronto, will help to facilitate the session, which will be held at the AURA offices at 7:00 pm on June 20th. 

You can sign up for this free workshop through the AURA website or directly through Eventbrite .

As we all know, tens of thousands of people have spent countless hours raising millions of dollars and doing everything possible preparing to welcome refugees to Canada.  The current government has shown a willingness to listen and engage with people who have a desire to help refugees. 

This is a time when we can show the world Canada's capacity for compassion and care. The people are ready. The money is set aside. The need for help is extreme. This is an opportunity to create a lasting legacy for all Canadians, and a safe future for more of our world's refugees.
If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know.

The AURA team

PS: If you have not yet looked at the letter templates you can do so on the AURA website.