Filmmaker Scott Peters of London, England created a short film titled 'Notes Of An Insomniac' to let others know they are not alone.
In India, Dr. Bindu M Kutty organized a sleep awareness program for students, faculties, staff and patients that covered various aspects of sleep, sleep hygiene and sleep disorders.
Thank you to all who participated in our 12th Annual World Sleep Day on March 15! We are so pleased with its success. Below are exciting highlights of the productive, international awareness day. Note: All numbers could continue to grow until April 22.

  • 336+ official delegates joined the campaign
  • 104+ sleep awareness activities have been added to
  • 43 countries have notified us of participation in World Sleep Day so far
  • Media mentions came in across the globe including outlets such as NBC, BBC, Daily Mail, Toronto Sun and many others
  • We were trending on social media under the hashtag #WorldSleepDay
  • Our 2019 partners included Westin Hotels & Resorts, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Fidia Farmaceutici, AMLife International, Dormeo and Philips.

Browse our  World Sleep Day Media Mentions  to watch videos, read articles and listen to broadcasts from around the globe. Be sure to  submit the details of your activity  by April 22 to be considered for our  Distinguished Activity Awards .
World Sleep Day ®  is designed to raise awareness of sleep as a human privilege that is often compromised by the habits of modern life. Save the date for Friday, March 13, 2020 to celebrate the next World Sleep Day!
World Sleep Day ® is an annual awareness event hosted by World Sleep Society.