E-Newsletter of World Sleep Society
From the President
Clete Kushida
At the turn of the year, I announced World Sleep Society's 2017 initiatives. I'm happy to report progress within each of these three new strategic goals.

1.  International Trainee Program: As the first step in connecting international trainees to major academic institutions and/or experienced investigators, we are unveiling the World Sleep Society Job Board. While we make efforts toward effective mentor matching, we will begin collecting career opportunities and act as a liaison between individuals and institutions. Post your open position in Sleep Medicine today!

2. International Sleep Medicine Guidelines Committee: We are forming a committee of international sleep medicine experts who have experience in writing and developing practice guidelines within their specialty and geographic area. The committee’s purpose will be to review published sleep medicine guidelines, and provide our Society’s endorsement toward their applicability to the global practice of sleep medicine. Members can nominate themselves or others by emailing our administrative office. 

3.  International Sleep Research Network: This initiative is to develop a vast international sleep research network, which will start with an online directory in which researchers and clinicians can easily identify potential collaborators for their research. Two efforts have been made in this initiative:
I thank you for your alliance as we aim to further secure our place as a leader in international sleep medicine, research, and education.


Dr. Clete Kushida, President
World Sleep Society
Director's Desk

While attending World Sleep 2017 in Prague, I will be leading an official press meeting taking place onsite on Monday, October 9, 2017 from 12:30-2pm. As members of the press submit sleep questions, I am coordinating sleep experts to be available to answer specific questions pertaining to sleep, sleep disorders, current research in the field of sleep medicine, etc.

If you are attending World Sleep 2017 and would like to join the press meeting as a sleep expert, contact me via email. We welcome your participation in our awareness activities.


Allan O'Bryan, Executive Director
World Sleep Society
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#WorldSleep2017 is October 7-11, 2017.

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Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life

The 10th annual World Sleep Day is on Friday, March 17, 2017. With only a few days until the globe unites, there is still time to join us!

Become a delegate.  Once you have, you will receive instructions on holding an awareness activity as well as use of our World Sleep Day logo.

Then,  submit your activity  through our online form and your organization will be listed on our website under the country where your activity will occur. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook with #WorldSleepDay to share in the excitement!

Associate Society Member Highlight: Peru

Peruvian Association of Sleep Medicine was founded in 2007 in Lima, Peru. Today, the society has 70 enrolled members. Dr. Darwin Vizcarra-Escobar says of the society, "The main activities are education and to promote social awareness about sleep disorders and their impact on the well-being of society. Our society is a multidisciplinary organization devoted to this field." It has also been an international representative in the Latin American Federation of Sleep Societies (FLASS).

Dr. Vizcarra-Escobar opined, "We chose to become a member of World Sleep Society because we have always been committed to engage with regional organizations of sleep medicine through FLASS, and the next step was to engage internationally. For that reason, we have also promoted sleep medicine in our country by partaking in World Sleep Day and are constantly involved in lines of investigation in this area."

This was the third installment of our highlighted societies series. To be considered for this feature, join as an Associate Society Member.  
Endorsed Meetings & Events

World Sleep Society promotes sleep meetings around the world, including the following. If your society has an upcoming meeting and would like to list it with us, complete our Endorsed Meeting Application.
September 20-23, 2017
Goa, India
2018 IPSA LILLE / 5th International Pediatric Sleep Association Congress
November 24-26, 2018
Lille, France
Sleep Medicine Journal
February 2017.  Volume 30.

Sample Articles:
Kate Cameron, Paul Williamson, Michelle A. Short, Michael Gradisar

Flora Bat-Pitault, Gianluca Sesso, Christine Deruelle, Sophie Flori, Véronique Porcher-Guinet, Camille Stagnara, Aurore Guyon, Sabine Plancoulaine, Joëlle Adrien, David Da Fonseca, Hugues Patural, Patricia Franco
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Important Dates
World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM) and World Sleep Federation (WSF) have founded World Sleep Society, representing both individual sleep professionals and sleep societies.

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President: Clete Kushida (US, WSF)
President elect: Charles Morin (Canada, WASM)
Secretary: Yuichi Inoue (Japan, WSF)
Treasurer: Thomas Penzel (Germany, WASM)

Governing Council
Africa: Shahira Loza (Egypt, WASM)
Asia: SB Hong (Republic of Korea, WASM)
Europe: Luigi Ferini-Strambi  (Italy, WASM)
North America: Carlos Schenck (US, WASM)
South America: Dalva Poyares (Brazil, WASM)
ASA: Maree Barnes (Australia, WSF)
ASRS: Hrudananada Mallick  (India, WSF)
CSS: Kimberly Cote (Canada, WSF)
ESRS: Walter McNicholas (Ireland, WSF)
SRS: Kathryn Reid (US, WSF)