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Progress continues full-speed-ahead at Lattice these days.  Enjoy the latest news and reports from our team.

"Lattice Biologics (TSXV-LBL) building on biotech success one block at a time"
Columnist Gaalen Engen  dives into the technology and strategy behind the company that are getting Lattice noticed as a solid investment opportunity and reveals "The company's next generation proprietary patented Extracellular Matrix (ECM) solutions are set to revolutionize the regenerative medicine space."

Milla Zakharova, Ph.D. Get to know one of our newest team members, Dr. Milla Zakharova, Senior Research Scientist in this issue's "Get to Know the Team Behind the Technology" feature.  (Hint: this Ph.D. carries a "James Bond" style fun fact you won't want to miss.)
WSCS 2015:  The Lattice team recently attended the World Stem Cell Summit in Atlanta, GA with over 1,200 fellow attendees including industry leaders, scientists, policymakers, and investors from 45+ countries. Get our official report here

Join us next week in Park City, UT for the Spine event of the season.  Details below.
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Lattice in the News  news
"Lattice Biologics (TSX-V:LBL) building on biotech success one block at a time" 
[ February 11, 2016 ]  

"... This is where Lattice Biologics comes in. The company has developed a range of products based on its ground-breaking ECM solutions from traditional allografts such as bone dowels to soft tissue allografts used in tendon repair. Currently the competition only offers temporary tissue 'void fillers' that do nothing to promote healing or guide the cellular regeneration at the wound/surgical site. Instead, they leave the healing process up to the patient's stem cells, which as we get older, become less and less effective.
Lattice offers a directed scaffold technology derived from native ECM secreted by human Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hMSC). Enhanced for optimal regeneration, differentiation, homing and engraftment, Lattice's next generation ECM-based allografts dramatically improve the healing capacity while reducing surgical recovery times."

"This makes Lattice a pretty solid ticket as is, especially if it carries out some tasty acquisitions in regards to distribution, but if the company is able to get regulatory approval on its next generation of products within the next 12 to 18 months, the near-term growth potential on this will skyrocket.
As well, although this is in early-stage R&D, the company is also working on a cutting-edge cancer diagnostics solution that, in future, could diversify its portfolio and add significantly to its bottom line."

Read the live article here.

Meet the Team team
Dr. Milla Zakharova 
Senior Research Scientist

What do you most want to accomplish through your work at Lattice?
I'm committed to propelling this company towards becoming an industry leader in introducing the next generation of stem cell-based regenerative therapeutic products.

My cardiac stem cell research at Banner Health's Center for Cardiovascular Research served as an IND (Investigational New Drug)-enabling study that allowed our team to secure $2.5M in funding to develop new stem cell-based therapeutic product for heart failure patients.

Recent Industry Events  recent
2015 WSCS (World Stem Cell Summit) Conference
Atlanta, GA
[ December 10 - 12 ] 

Lattice Biologics Ltd. joined throngs of biotech specialists,manufacturers, inventors and investors at the Georgia International Convention Center for the Genetics Policy Institute (GPI) and the Regenerative Medicine Foundation (RMF)'s annual meeting. The event is described as "the most expansive interdisciplinary, networking meeting of stem cell science and regenerative medicine stakeholders, uniting the diverse community. With the overarching purpose of fostering biomedical research, funding and investments targeting cures, the Summit is the single conference charting the future of this burgeoning field."

Lattice Biologics Ltd.'s resident Ph.D.s, Dr. Christopher Bradley and Dr. Milla Zakharova attended the event to represent our technologies and products, research the presentations, and collaborate with other regenerative medicine pioneers. 
Check out their  official report here  including:
  • Further Insights into the Complexity of the Extracellular Matrix
  • Pluripotency and Differentiation
  • Controlling Stem Cell Fate Using Multivalency and Optogenetics
  • Autologous vs. Allogeneic Cell Therapies
  • From Tissue to Organs: 3D Bioprinting, Science and Industry Perspectives

Get Information on this year's upcoming event (December 6 - 9 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center).

Upcoming Events  upcoming
2016 Evidence & Technology Spine Summit
[ February 24 - 27 ] 

Lattice will round out this month in Park City, UT at the NASS 12th Annual Evidence & Technology Spine Summit to "explore surgical and medical/interventional topics on the latest technology and techniques."
See more information about the event.

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