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The World University Championships are organized by the Fédération Internationale du Sport Universitaire (FISU) and are played every two years.
The World University Championships (WUCs) were created by the International University Sports Federation (FISU) to complete the program of the Universiade. In 2014, there were 6,448 athletes from 99 countries that competed.
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January 2016

I would like to welcome you to the Sunshine State of Florida this July, where together we can make history and extend the global growth of Netball in one of the biggest sporting nations in the world. 
20 million people around the world play Netball and now the elite university netball athletes will be descending upon Miami to compete for the World University Championship Title.  This is a tangible way for you to demonstrate you care about girls and women in sport by getting involved!  It's also a rich opportunity for businesses to connect with important consumer groups through women's sports and female athletes.
Invitations to the event have been sent to over 160 National University Sporting Federations around the globe.  You can view a copy of the official invitation and read the press release.
Whether you are a FISU member, university athlete, spectator or netball fan, sponsor, school teacher or student, or if you want to volunteer as part of a committee, you will find the important information you need below. 
Please watch the event promo video and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to show your support for women sports by sharing across your social media.  This also includes an important message about how this event impacts Netball and it's petition to be on the Olympic program of events. 
This is a very exciting year for Netball and your participation will very much add to the exciting atmosphere and competition expected at this event.
Kind Regards,
Sonya Ottaway
Président du Comité d'Organisation
President of the Organising Committee
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Partners and Sponsors                                  

This is your opportunity for global exposure at the 2nd FISU World University Netball Championship being held in Miami, Florida, USA, July 13-17th, 2016.

20 million people in over 70 countries play Netball.  Connect with important consumer groups through women's sports and female athletes, as women control 70 to 80% of consumer purchases.
A brand partnership for this event is a tangible way for your business to demonstrate that you care about girls and women. Our team will work with you to develop a custom program that fits your specific marketing and business goals.
  •  100% female college athletes ages 16 to 28.        
  •  Event streamed live globally
  •  11.9 million unique website visits, 33K daily  visits
  •  1.6 million youtube views
  •  10,000 global mailing list
  •  10,000 Facebook followers, 7,000 Twitter followers
  •  Attendees. 90% female, 10% male.

This event is part of the International FISU Volunteer Program, where students from around the world who want to gain event management experience and further their organizational abilities will have the opportunity to take part and experience a World University Championship from the inside.  For those accepted into the program (and live outside of Miami), lodging and meals will be provided.

We are also looking for passionate and dedicated individuals who operate with ethics and integrity to be a part of the Global Organizing Committee.  It will look fantastic on your resume that you were a part of a global sporting event of this magnitude.

Various volunteer and internships are available.  These include: Netball Officials, Medics (EMT), Masseuse, Photographers, Videographers, Social Media, Marketing, Merchandising, Attaches, Security, Drivers, Concierge, Ball girls/boys, Entertainers, Information Systems Personnel, Concierge, and general volunteers.  This is a great way to earn volunteer credits for school or university.

Only the following may participate as competitors in the Universiade:

a. students who are currently officially registered as proceeding towards a degree or diploma at the university or similar institute whose status is recognized by the appropriate national academic authority of their country;

b. former students of the institutions mentioned in a. who have obtained their academic degree or diploma in the year preceding the event.

All competitors must satisfy the following conditions:

a. be a national of the country they represent;

b. be at least 17 and less than 28 years of age on January 1st in the year of the event.  For 2016, athletes must be born between 01/01/1988 and 31/12/1998.

Key Dates                                  

January 12: General registration open.

February 13th: Team deposit of 5,000 deadline.

April 13th: Quantitative entry deadline.  25% deposit of participation fees.

June 13th: Individual entries and Media pass requests deadline.

July 11th: Athletes check-in to athletes village.  Verification of the eligibility of the students.  Additional FISU fee payment due of 20 per person.  Teams proceed through accreditation procedures.
July 12th: Opening Ceremonies and Welcome Reception
July 13th: Day 1 of Competition
July 14th: Day 2 of Competition
July 15th: Day 3 of Competition
July 16th: Day 4 of Competition
July 17th: Finals and Closing Ceremonies
July 18th: Departure from athletes village.
Travel to Miami                                   

The official event travel partner - Visions in Education Netball can help you find the best deals on air flights, ground transportation, hotel reservations, and other tourist packages. 
They are here to help teams, individuals, volunteers, and any other school or university groups that want to attend.  They can also help will other travel across the USA and we suggest even those in the USA to reach out to them in order to secure great deals and reserved seating for the event.

Please complete this form and an event consultant will get back to you.

Tournament Venue                                 

16401 NW 37th Ave, Miami Gardens, Florida, 33054, USA.

Athletes will be staying on campus which will open Monday July 11th to Monday July 18th.  Should teams want to arrive earlier or depart later than contact us so we can assist you with your request.
Team Registration
Registration is opening January 12th.
Registration is open to ladies national university teams in FISU Member Countries.  The International Netball Federation has also informed their members of the tournament invitations.
Please contact your National University Sporting Federation for inquiries about team registration.  If you need assistance contacting your National University Sporting Federation then please contact us at  

Team registration includes airport transfers, accommodation and meals during the 8 day event - Monday July 11th to Monday July 18th.   Teams are responsible for their own flights and visas to the USA.  All USA embassies around the world have been notified of the Championship.  If teams would like to arrive earlier or depart later we can assist, however it will be at the teams own cost.
V.I.P. and Spectator Hotel
Reservations for this hotel can only be made with Visions in Education Netball.   

Officials, Volunteer, and Spectator Hotel
Reservations need to be made with Visions in Education Netball.   

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