August 2013


This is the time of the year, after vacations and summer holidays are over, when business ramps up to get things done before the end of the calendar year.



Many of you have expressed an increased interest in building, sustaining and fostering a Culture of Innovation at your organizations - beyond individual creativity and new offerings and you are working to build momentum towards this goal before the end of 2013.



As evidence that you are on the "right" path,  Forbes just announced their "The World's Most Innovative Companies" list.  Apple Inc. has fallen off the top of the innovation list and now sits at 79 (still not too shabby).  But why?  The key point for us is that the arrogance of being the leader that has all the ideas doesn't build a sustainable innovative company. To quote the Forbes article, "The more enlightened leaders know the importance of building creative capabilities in others.  As SalesForce founder, Marc Benioff, emphatically put it during a recent conversation with us,  "I can't do it all.  I don't have all the ideas.  That isn't my job.  My job is to build a culture of innovation.  That's something we try to enforce.  We encourage it.  We value it.  We notice it.  We compensate for it.  We require it."  


SalesForce, by the way, has been No. 1 on the "Innovative Companies" list for the last three years running.


In this edition of "The Innovative Brain" we've bundled in resources to help you on your innovation journey, including ones that talk about building the culture.




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