February 2016
ABC Catalyst featured this state of the art radiation modeling from EHT, sparking online backlash to censor science.
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Biased Telecom Paper Should be Retracted
Publishing an analysis of a telecom paper flaws, scientists call for a retraction. Read More
Professors of the Federal Universities of Brazil and EHT confirm that the 19 year old process still used today to evaluate microwave radiation emissions from phones does not consider children's greater absorption. Read More
EHT Scientists Urge Google to Stop Rollout of Smartphone Virtual Reality gear in schools.
EHT's scientific imaging shows children's brains, eyes, and other areas of the head absorb radiation from the Smartphones that are inside these cardboard viewers. Read More
Wi-Fried? ABC Catalyst Australia Investigates Wi-Fi Health Concerns
After this 30-minute documentary aired, a media frenzy began attacking the program. Watch the documentary and go to EHT's website to read experts' responses to the attacks.
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FOX News: Parents Raise Concerns About Wi-Fi In School Health Concerns
Dr. Davis and well informed parents in Maryland are featured discussing wireless and health. Read More
Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop: Wi-Fi in School
and Health Concerns
Read Goop's Q and A with Dr. Davis on minimizing health risks in school. Read More
Oxford Press: Lead poisoning of Flint, Michigan-penny wise, pound foolish, and criminal
Read Dr. Morris and Dr. Davis' piece on Flint in the Oxford University Press Blog.
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Exposé on the CDC Cell Phone FactSheet
Information on children's risk was deleted from the CDC website. An industry scientist was brought on board. Read 500 plus pages of internal documents. Read More

NCRP Pressured CDC To Remove Cell Phone
Safety Advice
Microwave News continues the investigation into the CDC cell phone factsheet debacle.
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