The Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza has announced "Picasso/Lautrec," an exciting new show set to open in October, 2017. The exhibition will examine the influence of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's work on the young Pablo Picasso through more than 100 paintings presented in thematic groups. A catalogue will be released around the same time, but can be pre-ordered now.
While exhibition catalogues from the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza are regularly distributed in North America by Artbook|D.A.P., this will not be the case for Picasso/Lautrec. The museum's publications department informs us that no formal distribution arrangement exists for North America for this title and has approached us to help bring it to the attention of art libraries. We will soon be placing an order for copies of this publication for our approval plan subscribers, but also welcome firm orders. We expect the books to ship from Spain in mid to late October.

Paloma Alarco and Francisco Calvo Serraller. 
Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid, 2017. 
Approx. 240 pp. 28 x 23 cm. 
ISBN 9788417173050 In English.
Worldwide Number: 038039 

Publisher's description

"Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901) and Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) never met. By the time of the youthful Picasso's first visit to Paris in October 1900, Lautrec was already very ill and would die prematurely the following year. Despite this, Lautrec's radical work, with its interest in combining high and low culture and art and advertising that resulted in a particular way of understanding modern life, had a powerful impact on the young Picasso. Through the French artist Picasso discovered the multi-faceted nature of modern society, which would influence his own understanding of art and lead on to a new creative vision.

Although these affinities are well-known, the exhibition Picasso/Lautrec represents the first comparative study of these two great masters of modern art. Through 100 works organized around the themes that interested both artists -- caricatural portraits; night life at caf├ęs, cabarets and theaters; the crude reality of marginal individuals; the spectacle of the circus; and the erotic universe of the city's brothels -- the exhibition will enable visitors to appreciate the young Picasso's appropriation of specific elements from Lautrec's art, as well as the affinities that exist between their respective oeuvres and the persistence of those resonances in Picasso's later output."



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Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA

In 2002, the Getty Research Institute initiated a research project titled "Pacific Standard Time," with the goal of documenting art in the greater Los Angeles area since 1945. The ambitious program set about uncovering the hidden history of this period and presenting it to a wider public through grants to various institutions that culminated in a series of more than 60 concurrent exhibitions across Southern California starting in October, 2011, as part of the larger " Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A., 1945-1980 " event. Worldwide offered comprehensive coverage of the publications associated with this and the smaller 2013 event, " Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in L.A. " Please note that backlist titles from the Pacific Standard Time project that are currently in stock at Worldwide may only be available in very limited quantities, but any that are still in print can likely be restocked with minimum delay, including in-print titles that may already be flagged on our website as Temporarily Out of Stock.

This year, the Getty is reprising the Pacific Standard Time project and widening its scope. "Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA" is a far-reaching and ambitious exploration of Latin American and Latino art in dialogue with Los Angeles. Supported by grants from the Getty Foundation, the event takes place from September, 2017, through January, 2018, at more than 70 cultural institutions across Southern California, from Los Angeles to Palm Springs, and from San Diego to Santa Barbara. Worldwide will once again follow the event closely and track any new publications relating to it. Click here to see a preliminary list of titles; more will be added as they are announced or become available. 

Russian Revolution

Aside from its far-reaching consequences for global politics, the October Revolution of 1917 also marked a turning point in Russian art, giving rise to groundbreaking art during the tumultuous years that followed it. In commemoration of the centenary, many art museums are dedicating exhibitions to the various artists and movements that were revolutionary in their own right and flourished until Stalin clamped down on creative freedom and established Socialist Realism as the only style accepted by the Communist regime.
 Recent exhibition catalogues on the Russian Revolution include:
  • Revolutionary! Russian Avant-Garde Art from the Vladimir Tsarenkov Collection (Worldwide 37958)
  • Revoliutsiia! Demonstratsiia! Soviet Art Put to the Test (Worldwide 37804)
  • Revolution: Russian Art 1917-1932 (Worldwide 37755)


Peter Koch Printer
The exhibition "Peter Koch Printer: A Forty-Year Retrospective" is currently on view at the Green Library, Stanford University, featuring limited edition books, portfolios and prints published between 1974 and 2016 by Bay Area letterpress printer, designer and publisher Peter Rutledge Koch, who has long been recognized as one of the most accomplished printers and typographic designers of his generation.

Green Library, Stanford University, 2017. Published by Editions Koch, Hollis, in association with Stanford University Libraries. Distributed by Oak Knoll Press, New Castle.  In English. 
Three volumes.  31 x 23 cm.
Vol. 1 ( Peter Koch Printer: Embodied Language and the Form of the Book -- A Descriptive Bibliography): 188 pp. 
Vol. 2 ( Hard Words: Memory and Death in the Wild West): 176 pp. 
Vol. 3 ( Against Design: On Thinking and Printing -- An Interview with Peter Rutledge Koch): 128 pp.  
Paperbound ISBN 978-0-9112216-0-2 
Worldwide  37998

The first volume of this comprehensive three-volume catalogue documents the exhibition, while the second volume takes a closer look at four quintessential works by Koch--three books and an array of wall art--informally referred to as "The Montana Quartet." The third volume features an interview with Koch in which he discusses his career and the more ephemeral works, such as commissions and personal pieces for friends.

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