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November 2015
One of the local newspapers interviewed me last week regarding the closure of Lizzy's, the last true ice cream parlor in Needham.

The reporter posed an open-ended question eliciting my reactions to the closure. On a personal level, Joanne and I were longtime customers, enjoyed their ice cream, and went there on double dates with friends. For all of those reasons, I am sad to see it close.

On a professional level, having actual ice cream in town, as opposed to just frozen dessert alternatives, is important. If frozen yogurt really hits the spot, that's fine, but if somebody wants actual ice cream, then no amount of frozen yogurt is ever going to truly satisfy.

This sets people up for a cycle of overeating, guilt, restriction, and back around again, fueled by a good/bad food dichotomy that imparts unnecessary judgment on food choices. One is not good for getting a small tart frozen yogurt at Pinkberry with fresh fruit toppings, nor is one bad for ordering the Dentist Disaster sundae at Cabot's.

When we uncouple food choices from moralization, nutrition becomes much, much easier.

Jonah Soolman, Registered Dietitian / Co-Owner
Beginning to See the Light
American dieters who follow this "safe" weight-loss program consume a level of nutrition so inadequate that if they were eating this little and living in a different region of the world, the United Nations would be sending cargo ships full of food to help them. When is Bob Geldof going to organize a star-studded benefit concert for dieters? 
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An alternative does exist, one that takes less mental and emotional energy, allows people the freedom to enjoy holiday favorites without going overboard, and makes peace with food. This alternative is stocking, which is a well-known technique among practitioners who help people with emotional eating, compulsive eating, binge eating disorder, and supposed food addictions. Read More
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