Sacred Ally Quilt Project
Dedication & Blessing

LEADER: We gather today in the name of our compassionate Savior, to give thanks. We give thanks for the power of art— of all mediums. Today especially, we give thanks for fabric arts. That offer invitation to step into the traditions of story-telling and justice-seeking through quilts. In this case, women like the biblical Dorcas who use their willing hands to give comfort, stir emotion, and spark action for a more beloved nation.

ALL: We thank You, God, for Dorcas of old, and for those who follow in her footsteps, using their talents with needles and thread. 

LEADER: To You, merciful Lord, we give thanks for all the faithful ones who, alone in their homes or in small groups, cut and sew together the colorful scraps of fabric to form tops of spectacular patterns and hues. Who allow the violence of tragedy of injustice, to inspire goodness and love, creativity and knowledge.

ALL: Lord, we ask Your blessings for all of these artists as they create their labors of love. 

LEADER: Lord, Source of all Comfort, we express our gratitude for the caring ones who set aside time to quilt, tie, and bind the “comforters.” 

ALL: We thank You for the quilters and ask You to bind our hearts in love for the people these quilts will comfort in times of stress. 

LEADER: Holy God, we now dedicate this bright, glorious quilt to your glory. We ask that You shower blessings upon the people of many colors who will see it, study it, be moved by it, and inspired to take up the cause of Love and the work of Justice. May it join with others to be of glorious honor and memory of George Floyd, needlessly killed for who he was, a child of God. Let this quilt carry into the world the message, that your faithful people see the sacredness of life in one another. We understand that one another matters— not in spite of our differences, but because of them. We are created in your holy image. All of us. 

ALL: Lord, teach us, also, to use our talents to reach out to the world’s oppressed, to give voice to their struggles, and to melt the hearts of those unmoved. Allow us to see that the gifts you have given us multiple the ways that we can show your love, and work for your goodness.

LEADER: Jesus, we ask that You continue to bless the work of those who stitch and sew, cut and design at First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, Wolfeboro. And all the other quilts of beauty and imagination that this one will join, to be part of a whole blessing and testimony. 

ALL: Bless our work, O Lord, and may it draw people to You. 

LEADER: For to You, O Lord, is the glory forever and ever. 
ALL: Amen.