All Saints' Church Weekly E-News

Gathering as a community virtually so we can continue to love and care for one another during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Friday, July 10, 2020
Worship Advisory Committee Update
Thanks for your feedback in our gathering survey. We are considering your input and ideas as well as the requirements of the state and the Diocese as we consider gathering in-person for worship.

Most of the respondents to the survey indicated that the virtual church service has been an important part of our life together during this crisis. And many among us specifically requested that these online services continue even after we begin to gather in-person. So, we are committed to maintaining a virtual church service for the foreseeable future, and we are committed to having the online stream part of our worship experience even after we begin gathering in person. The Vestry has approved purchasing equipment to make streaming more reliable and sustainable.

In the survey just over half of the respondents indicated interest in coming to the church for private prayer. In mid-August we expect to open the church on Sunday afternoons for a couple of hours for prayer. Be watching for more information about how you can sign-up to participate.

Just under 40% of respondents indicated a readiness to attend an in-person service at the church. Over the next several weeks, we will be following the requirements of the Diocese and the state so that we can begin holding in-person services. The exact time of our first in-person service will be determined by our receiving approval from the Diocese, and by our own confidence that we are prepared. We expect that our first service might happen in early fall.

Alongside our own preparation for in-person worship we continue to work with our renters as they plan to reenter the All Saints’ buildings. The Good Korean Church has decided to wait until All Saints’ resumes worship. We know that our careful coordination with all of our renters, particularly in cleaning and hygiene, are essential to all our safety.

Please continue to reach out to members of the committee with any questions you have. The lay members are James Talkington, Nancy Morrison and Regina Raz.

Here is what you need to join us for worship via Facebook Live this Sunday - The Sixth Sunday after Pentecost
Annie Carson worshiping at home!
Join us this Sunday for worship on Facebook Live for worship at 10:05 am. Please make note of the slightly later time. We have discovered we have better luck getting a good "feed" on Facebook when we wait till just after 10 am. The Rev. Cheryl Minor will preach and Eric Helmuth will be at the organ. You will find everything you need to participate here:

Start by downloading the Service Leaflet so you can pray/sing with us. Then, go to our Facebook page to find the "live-stream." The easiest way to do this is to click on the Facebook Button on the website.

NOTE: You do not need a Facebook account to view the live-stream.
Join us if you can after the service for a "ZOOM" Coffee Hour.
Links needed to join are below.
Join us for Zoom Coffee Hour on Sunday at 11:00 am
Hope to see you this week on our Zoom Coffee Hour for a time of fellowship. Feel free to hop on anytime after 11:00 am to begin visiting. We will not "officially" begin until 11:15 to give people ample time to grab coffee after the service ends.

Follow the link to the Zoom Coffee Hour on the website:

Healing Ministry on a break for the remainder of the summer.
Our Healing Ministry Team will be taking a break for the remainder of the summer. Watch this space for information about when it will start back up again.

A big thank you goes out to Julie Yao Cooper and Fran Hutchinson who have kept this going during the shut-down!
Weekly Online Videos from Cheryl
Each week we are shut-down Cheryl will be sending out a video for families to view together. During the summer months she plans to explore the beautiful picture books we have on our shelves in the room. This week she shares "The Clown of God," written and illustrated by Tomie dePaola. We encourage families to find a time together to view the story. Try following the same outline of our Godly Play Sessions:

  1. Get Ready ~ Each week the children prepare by gathering in the circle. You can prepare by getting the computer ready, and helping your child find a comfortable spot to sit and watch. You might also light a candle and pray the Lord's prayer together to prepare for the story.
  2. View the story together.
  3. Wonder together about the story.
  4. Make something about the story or something else!
  5. Share a small feast together (just some crackers and juice) and close with a blessing. Just a simple, "God bless us all," is enough.

Follow the link below to find the video.

Kitchen Renovation at the Rectory has begun.
Before Covid-19 hit, the Vestry approved an update to the kitchen at the Rectory. The work finally started this past week. New cabinets and counters will be installed over the coming weeks. There will also be a new sink. The appliances will remain the same (they were new just a few years ago). We anticipate the project taking 6-8 weeks.

We'll post pictures of the progress!
Co-Rector Cheryl Minor leads another online workshop - Godly Play & Torah Godly Play together!
This summer Cheryl Minor had some major Godly Play trips planned, but everything was cancelled due to Covid-19. Some events were moved online.

This past week, for example, she led an online workshop for an interfaith gorup in Chicago. This was a kind of side-by-side training for Christian and Jewish religious educators. Cheryl led it with Rabbi Michael Shire of Hebrew College, who with Cheryl's help has adapted Godly Play for Jewish Children (it is called "Torah Godly Play"). The picture shows Cheryl's set up on the table in the Parish Office to share the story of the Exodus. It took some doing to get the camera set up so it could see the story and Cheryl.