Resources for Today's Worship Service

Worship streams at 10 AM at! Pastor Eric wlll teach about the importance of the Church in the message "Opening Day," and the service will feature a variety of musical styles. Also, we'll celebrate our confirmation class and recognize their accomplishments!


When we think of church, why is a building the first thing that comes to mind? Is church a place full of robes and pews? Bands and banners? Or is church meant to be something different? Church is much more than a building or a place. Church is more than pews, hymnals, lights, and music. In fact, on opening day, the church had no buildings or rituals, no bands or robed choirs. What it did have was a gathering of people intent on one thing: creating followers of Jesus Christ. The church was a movement that continues today: A multiplying, multicultural gathering of people who believe that Jesus is the Savior and whose lives reflect his teaching.

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