March 14, 2020

UPDATE to all First Congregational UCC Members and Friends,

Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth
1 John 3:18

Although many of us would like to be in community tomorrow, it is far more important to provide a safe environment for all of our members and friends. Truth is, being together in a physical space presents too much of a risk. So our action is to ask you to stay in safe spaces - your home.

We will be providing a virtual Worship experience. Stay tuned for how you can join us online. Take care of yourself and others - by handwashing, sanitizing surfaces, and keeping safe social distancing. We are aware that being in Worship provides much needed community to our members and friends. Please consider engaging with others by phone or email to stay in touch.

There WILL BE more updates. Please plan to check Facebook, email, or call the Church for updates on the Church schedule. We will also be sharing ways we can help individuals who will be experiencing food insecurity and will need check-in phone calls.

I appreciate your patience, as we make difficult decisions in a timely manner. May you feel surrounded by God's love during these challenging times.

Eldonna Hazen
Senior Minister

1609 University Avenue, Madiso n , WI 53726
(t) 608 . 233 . 9751 I (f) 608 . 233 . 7180 I office@firstcongma d ison.o r g I firstcongmadison . org