Sunday, September 11, 2022

Calvary Central

with Pastor Michael Dean

(BMT Campus, Bldg. 5)

9:30 and 11 AM

Battle Belongs


How Deep the Father's Love for Us

Jesus, We Love You


Calvary North with Justin Edgerly

North Campus Pastor

(Lumberton Campus, Bldg. 1)

9:30 and 11 AM


Yes I Will

Thank You God for Saving Me

Make Room


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As part of the RESET process we have conducted three Church Governance Workshops with various groups of our lay and staff leaders. We are now ready to offer the workshops for any members who are interested in reviewing what the Scriptures say about church structure and the proper functioning of the biblical offices. 

We will offer workshops at Calvary Beaumont (Building 7) today, Sept. 11 at 4PM and at Calvary North (Building 1) on Sept. 25 at 2PM. We invite all members to participate as we move together toward the exciting future God has for the Calvary Family.

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