Online Worship | March 29, 2020
A Service of Worship
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Andante from Sonata no. 2 for Violin J.S. Bach
Joey Hsia, violinist
Words of Welcome
Welcome to Nassau Presbyterian Church Online Worship

Mark Edwards, Director of Youth Ministry
Call to Worship
Luke 1:78-79
By the tender mercy of our God,
the dawn from on high will break upon us,
to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death,
to guide our feet into the way of peace.
Let us worship the living and loving God. 
Rev. Lauren J. McFeaters, Associate Pastor
Hymn 216 - Beneath the Cross of Jesus
Text: Frances Clephane; Music: Frederick Maker
1 Beneath the cross of Jesus
I fain would take my stand,
the shadow of a mighty rock
within a weary land;
a home within the wilderness,
a rest upon the way,
from the burning of the noontide heat,
and the burden of the day. '

2 Upon the cross of Jesus
mine eye at times can see
the very dying form of One
who suffered there for me;
and from my stricken heart with tears
two wonders I confess:
the wonders of redeeming love
and my unworthiness.
Elem Eley, baritone & Mary Eley, piano
3 I take, O cross, thy shadow
for my abiding place;
I ask no other sunshine than
the sunshine of his face;
content to let the world go by,
to know no gain or loss,
my sinful self my only shame,
my glory all the cross.
Prayer of Confession
Almighty God, mother of mercy, father of grace: You have called us into unity, but we have pursued our own course.
You have promised us the abundance of all creation, but in our greed, and in our envy, the world goes without.
You have promised us the bread of life itself, but in our pride, and in our arrogance, the world goes hungry.
Have mercy on us. Forgive us, again. Transform us, and send us out as servants of your righteousness, by the power of your Son, our Lord. Amen.
Time With Children

Corrie Berg, Director of Educational Ministries
The Word Proclaimed

Noel Werner, Director of Music
Gospel Lesson and Sermon
From Isolation to Belonging

Rev. Davis A. Davis preaches on Luke 19:1-10
Rev. Andrew Scales, Presbyterian Chaplain to Princeton University
Offertory - God Is My Shepherd
Antonín Dvořák
God is my shepherd,
I want for nothing.
My rest is in the pleasant meadows, He leadeth me
where quiet waters flow.
My fainting soul doth He restore,
and guideth me in the ways of peace, to glorify His name.
And though in death's dark valley
my steps may wander,
my spirit shall not fear,
for Thou art by me still;
Thy rod and staff are with me,
and they shall comfort me.
Marissa Chalker, alto
Prayers of the People & the Lord's Prayer
Hymn 726 - The Summons
Text: John L. Bell

1 “Will you come and follow me if I but call your name?
Will you go where you don’t know and never be the same?
Will you let my love be shown; will you let my name be known;
will you let my life be grown in you and you in me?”
2 “Will you leave yourself behind if I but call your name?
Will you care for cruel ad kind and never be the same?
Will you risk the hostile stare should your life attract or scare?
Will you let me answer prayer in you and you in me?”

4 “Will you love the ‘you’ you hide if I but call your name?
Will you quell the fear inside and never be the same?
Will you use the faith you’ve found to reshape the world around,
through my sight and touch and sound in you and you in me?”
Ingrid Ladendorf, Associate Director of Choirs for Children and Youth
3 “Will you let the blinded see if I but call your name?
Will you set the prisoners free and never be the same?
Will you kiss the leper clean, and do such as this unseen,
and admit to what I mean in you and you in me?”

5 Lord, your summons echoes true when you but call my name.
Let me turn and follow you and never be the same.
In your company I’ll go where your love and footsteps show.
Thus I’ll move and live and grow in you and you in me.
Fugue in C Major, BWV 545 - J.S. Bach
Michael Ryan, Organ
Adult Education
The Shape of Salvation in Luke with Eric Barreto

Belonging Fulfilled: Jesus saves us from isolation to belonging.

Hymns from "Glory to God" the Presbyterian Church (USA) hymnal. Musical streaming and print rights granted under OneLicense #A-730100 and CCLI#11457258.