Wednesday, March 13, 2020
Response #4 from the Episcopal Church in Delaware
Offerings for Worship from Home During Uncommon Times
My sisters and brothers in Delaware,
In my announcement yesterday, I promised to provide a list of options for online Episcopal worship services in our diocese. You will find the list below. It aims to help us worship together, in the spirit of Christ, even though separated physically. I thank the excellent Mission Support Team for compiling this information so quickly. I understand more Delaware parishes are considering streaming their services or will have other resources to share in the coming days and weeks. Please send this information to Cynde Bimbi, , as it becomes available. This will allow us to include it on our ever-updating COVID-19 response page at .

In addition to the COVID-19 webpage, I further expect to offer updates each Wednesday in The Net eNewsletter. (You can sign up for The Net here . )

Lent is a remarkable season for this stressful moment in our common life. I urge you to lean on the ancient spiritual practice of quiet, intentional prayer to find strength, peace, and maybe even a little normalcy among the present turmoil. I pray for everyone in Delaware, in this blessed church and beyond, that we might lean on one another, help one another, and find together a renewed hope in Christ’s boundless love.

Blessings and be well.

Your brother in Christ,

Online Worship Services Offered
Sunday, March 15, 2020
St. Peter's Church, Lewes
  • 9am
  • Bishop Brown preaching
  • Facebook live links
  • St. Peter's web cam link
  • Service bulletin here

Trinity Parish, Wilmington
  • 8am English service - link
  • 12pm Spanish service - link

Christ Church, Dover
  • 9am
  • Link information here -- recommending view of chancel

Washington Cathedral
  • 11:15am
  • Link to worship service here

Worship Resources Available
Parish Resources Available
One License - gratis licenses through April 15