Welcome to worship. When life brings too many unknowns, we wish for the life we had before, for the familiar. We thrive in the ordinary. Day in and day out, God is with us in the ordinary moments of life, continuously providing for us, sustaining us, recreating us. But often we don’t stop long enough to notice God and what He may want to show us or tell us. 

This series is not a call to muster up some new and ridiculous faith from your own strength. It's a reminder to maintain confidence in the strength of our extraordinary  God found in the blessings of  ordinary  living. "Surely the LORD is in this place--and I did not know it!” - Genesis 28:16 
'Life Through Leah's Eyes'
Rev. Jayne Davis
Ordinary. Invisible. A background character in someone else’s story. Leah was the weak eyed daughter, the unwanted wife, the sister who would never measure up. All she wanted was what we all want – to be loved, accepted, valued. She wanted to matter. Jealousy and anxiety had her chasing in circles after what she could not make her own. She felt forgotten, but God was at work in ways that Leah could never have imagined. God saw the beauty that mattered in her and God redeemed her pain.

Have you ever worked really hard to construct the perfect sand castle for it to come crashing down prematurely? That can be so frustrating! In today's story, Jacob worked really hard to get what he wanted only to be tricked and have to work for it all over again! 

The problems in this story keep heaping up on top of one another, just like a giant pile of sand. But despite the problems, in the end, the family decides to make an agreement and work together with one another. No matter what problems are piling up for us, we can unite and work together to get through them with God's help.
Through dreams and visions, O God, you broaden the horizon and hope of your people, that they may discover the meaning of your covenant, even in the midst of trial and exile. Increase the number of those who believe in your word so that all people may joyfully respond to your call and share in your promises. Amen.
  • What behavior pattern do you repeat in your life that really isn’t good for you? What provokes it and how can you choose differently?

  • How do you tell the story of who you are? How does God tell your story?

  • How can you hold your plans for your life lightly in your hand so that you leave room for what God might be doing and want to do?
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"Surely the LORD is in this place--and I did not know it!” Gen. 28:16