Welcome to worship in this new kind of church experience. Even though we are physically separated, we continue to journey together as we grow toward being fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ through our worship.

Today, Rev. John Daniels reminds us that when we pursue following Jesus we will be constantly changing to reflect the love and grace of Christ into our world. Grab your notebook and Bible, share the link with a friend and let's worship together.
The words “follow me” although not specifically stated in Romans 6:1-11 can be visualized through our obedience in baptism. We suffer and die to self in his burial, we rise anew in his resurrection. Following Christ is a continuous journey that we are called to because of His great love for us and the grace that He bestows. We must remain alive in Christ as we seek to follow Him. Being alive in Christ calls for change, are you changing?
God of power, you uphold us in times of persecution and strengthen us to meet the trials of faithful witness. As you delivered us from death through our baptism in Christ and the victory of his resurrection send us forth to proclaim that glorious redemption,
so that the world may claim the freedom of forgiveness and new life in you. Amen.
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God desires to have a relationship with you! He has given us ways to know Him better through His son, Jesus Christ. Knowing God and having faith in Jesus is a personal and individual decision for each person. Do you have questions about being in a relationship with God? We would love to talk with you and help you begin or deepen your faith journey.
  • Are there still parts of your old self that need to die?

  • How is your new self being alive in Christ?

  • Are there some people or situations that need to experience more grace?

  • Are your relationships intergenerational and can you grow in this area?
Connie Allegood
Marisa Highsmith
Patrick Griffin
Jeff Barnhill
  • How would you describe your life before knowing the love, forgiveness and grace of Jesus Christ?

  • When did you hear Jesus calling out to you, "Follow Me"? How have you responded to the call?

  • How would you describe your life after choosing to following Jesus? Have you submitted every area of your life to 'following'?

  • If you have never accepted the invitation to following Christ, are you ready to submit your life now? We want to help you take the first steps toward following Jesus. Connect With Us

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