Atonement Weekly
July 08, 2022
Wednesday Worship 6 p.m.
Sunday Worship 9 a.m.
Worship & Sunday School
Please prepare wine & bread before you begin the video to participate in the virtual communion.
  1. Sunday Readings
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  4. Children's Sunday School lesson:
Jesus' parable of the Good Samaritan is a powerful lesson on how we can love our neighbors. Use these free lesson plans and activities to help kids obey God's command to put others first.
July Mission of the Month:
Madison Elementary & North Junior High
Atonement is collecting financial donations for the purchase of school supplies. Money collected can be directed to what is needed most. This collection will be paired with funds raised during VBS in June. Last year we were able to give each school $5,000. Thanks for your continued support!

E-mail Scam Alert!
Please note, your pastors will NEVER ask you to buy something (especially a gift card of some sort) through an unsolicited email conversation. ALWAYS contact us directly if you receive such a request.

Call us at church (320-252-6203) or email us:
2 More Youth BWCA Trips this Summer!
There are 2 more Youth Trips to the BWCA planned this summer, each has 2 spots so Register Today!:
  • July 16-21 - Girls (2 Spots Open)
  • August 5-7 - Boys 5th -7th grade with a parent (2 Spots Open)
For more information and to register for the trip, checkout the BWCA Youth Trips on the Atonement Website.
  • Family of Leone Folkens
  • Virginia Anderson
  • Kevin Finn
  • Dolly Wiesner
  • Family of Thor Larson
  • Terry Mick
  • Karen Vollen
  • Family of Marcia Carlson
  • Lainey Matuska
  • Alexia Engels
  • Family of Ron Kline
Itinerant Pitcher July 16th 7 pm
Itinerant Pitcher will meet at Bever Island Brewery on Saturday July 16th. Bring your friends for good beer and some interesting conversation!
Towels for Homeless Helping Homeless
Homeless Helping Homeless - Lincoln Center will have showers installed soon! Not only do these showers provide privacy, they also allow a homeless individual to maintain good hygiene. Show your support by donating new or gently used towels or giving money for the purchase of new towels. This request includes wash clothes, hand towels and bath towels. Look for the collection box outside the sanctuary June and July. Thrivent Action Team funds will be requested as well. Direct any questions to Kay Defries, 320-309-6988.

Funny Video of the Week:

Summer for Pets!