Atonement Weekly
February 5, 2021
Join the Lenten Journey at Atonement...
Lent is a season of transformation - and transformation is messy. Lent is a time of facing the truth, taking responsibility, and making something beautiful together. “Bless This Mess” is our theme for Lent 2021 and we'll focus on the season’s transformative potential, God’s blessings, and the wonder of a simple cup of tea!  Ordinary things can create extraordinary surprises - as when common types of tea bring beautiful colors to Easter eggs (and yes, you can try this at home!). And beginning February 14th (Valentine's Day), we'll have an all new "Bless the Mess Lenten Calendar" available at church for you to use for your 2021 Lenten Journey!
Watch with children!
Sunday Online Worship 
We will celebrate virtual communion please prepare wine & bread before you begin the video.
  1. Read Mark 1:29-39 (NRSV)
  2. Watch Worship only.
  3. Watch Weekend Playlist.
  4. Ways to Give to Atonement.

Get Your Ash in Church!
Ash Wednesday Feb 17th Noon & 6:30pm Worship
A small kit with take home ashes and a short Ash Wednesday liturgy will be available at church on Sunday February 14th (Valentine’s Day – a great way to say I LOVE you!). Pick up your Ash Wednesday kit along with our ALL NEW “Bless This Mess Lenten Calendar” full of ideas and thoughtful meditations to deepen your Lenten journey!
Meeting ID: 889 9603 6906
Passcode: 420675
Sunday Morning Adult Education @10:30 a.m.
The Gospel of Mark Series continues in the Morning Adult Education hour. This Sunday, February 7th at 10:30 a.m. retired Pastor Jan Nairn will guide our study of Cross Roads: The Turning Point - Do You Know the Way to the Kingdom? (Chapters 7 & 8). To join the Zoom meeting click here. All are welcome!     
Kid's Sunday School Lesson!
In Mark 1:29-39, we read about Jesus' power over sickness and evil forces. That something kids need to hear more than ever. Use the links below to download this week's lessons in pdf format or visit the lesson page for more teaching ideas.
Meeting ID: 86715641651
Passcode: Spirit
Zoom with a Pastor?
Wednesday nights following worship, talk with a pastor on Zoom! Bring a joke, ask a question, share a story? This Pastors Zoom time is open to the whole congregation! Spirit Trek youth are invited, but so are you! Just click this link to join the Zoom Wednesdays about 7:15 p.m.
Worship Technology Update
Thanks to the generosity of several families at Atonement, the sanctuary has completed a major technology upgrade! After months of waiting, weeks of installation and weeks of training, we now have the capacity to Live Stream Worship Online and use a projector and screen to enhance the worship experience! We plan to Live Stream all worship services beginning Ash Wednesday February 17th!

Now all we need is YOU! The technology requires two people to run for each worship service. The training is easy and FUN! If you'd like to help enhance worship and provide Live Streaming to home-bound people, please contact Pastor Tim, or sign-up for the Worship Tech Team online.
  • John Jacobson Family
  • Rick Roehl family
  • Kaye Jankowsky
  • Dick Nathe 
  • Don Handhahl
  • Bev Jacobson
  • Amy Carey
  • Ron Purinton
  • Theresa Christenson 
  • Patsy Mader
  • Joyce Pappenfus
  • Steve Raatikka
  • Maggie Hanson
  • Charles Renken
  • Lainey Matuska
  • Terry Steinmetz
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