Worship Resources for Sunday, March 22
The Fourth Sunday in Lent

Thank you for being here with us today! Although we cannot physically gather, we can feel your prayers as we lift up our voices each Sunday as a St. Dunstan's Church Family. This past Wednesday we were very excited to welcome our new rector, Fr. Roman. If you have not listened to his message you can do so by clicking here.

Worship Services and Programs are cancelled again this Sunday. However, Fr. Roman has recorded a video sermon and the staff has prepared worship material for you for this Sunday. An email will be sent at 8:00am Sunday morning with the link to access this new way of digital worship and also posted on social media.

Christians have always been a strong group of people. In times of war, plague, and persecution we have found ways to worship and live as the church without gathering for the Eucharist. Together we can weather this storm! We count and pray for the days when we can worship together on Sundays again. Until then, please join us online.

Below are ways in which you can continue to stay rooted/connected to God and growing in community by connecting with each other. Feel free to share with your neighbor, friends, and family.
A Prayer for Our Nation and the World in the Light of this Pandemic
Ever-creating God, be with us as the pall of this COVID-19 pandemic falls upon this “fragile earth” which is our “island home.” We hold in our hearts and prayers all who are suffering in our nation from “sea to shining sea.” We pray for the whole world. Our common anxiety is making us one, undivided human family. We pray for world leaders as they chart these unknown waters. Strengthen them to walk into the Light of a new, healing day for the whole planet. Help us to cross our broken lands and be for each other bridges back to heaven. Lift the cares to which we cling. Descend, O God, on us all to be our Guest. Show us how to find in everything blessing and rest. May this be our prayer while we do not know how to pray and until the last light lingers in the west. Amen, in the name of our creating, redeeming and sustaining God.
Children's Liturgy & Worship Resources
 Parents, we know your kids miss church as much as we miss them. Sarah and her daughters have created a Children's Liturgy video for you. We are presenting this to you in advance. You can set this video up in another room while you watch the sermon on Sunday or watch this together - your choice. We have also attached some worship printables for you. Illustrated Ministry Lent 4
Lectionary Readings for Sunday
Prefer to read the word of God and ponder instead? You can read this from your device. Sunday, March 22 Lectionary Readings

Look for the Sermon Email Link at 8am on Sunday!
Morning Prayer (BCP, 137) - Printable
Early riser? Start your morning off with Prayers. Or want to pray with your family? Gather your family and take turns reading different parts. OR call a friend and read along and pray together.

Faith @ Home
Faith @ Home uses the lectionary readings to supply a devotion and questions to create discussions at home. It has levels for small children, elementary, youth and adult. 
Try it out with a friend via FaceTime or phone.


If your small group/ministry is interested in meeting virtually via Zoom (video conferencing) or if you want to join or start up a new group, please contact Sarah Quiroga at squiroga@saintdunstans.org.

The Staff is working to transition Sunday School and Small Group studies to a virtual platform via Zoom.
Contact us if you are interest.

Zoom is easy to use and we have written instructions to share with users/participants.

Ms. Sarah is hosting a virtual youth group via Zoom, Sunday evening March 22 at 6pm. We’ll check in with Pows and Wows, play a game or 2 and then do a short bible study. ALL youth are invited to join even if they’ve never been to Youth Group before—this is just a time to get some social interaction and see some friendly faces!

Students can join via desktop or laptop (with webcam), or on their smartphone or device with the Zoom app.

Email squiroga@saintdunstans.org to get the zoom invite link for the meeting and instructions to download the app.
Children's Resources
Created by Louise Durnell, Children’s Sunday School Director:
PRAY to keep Light of Christ alive during this time of COVID 19 isolation
When children are home from school, they miss the structure and order they are accustomed to during their school day. Parents and Grandparents, you can introduce new routines using prayer that provides spiritual food to your children and creates the structure they crave.
Create a daily routine of prayer (same time, same place)
  • Gather family to say the Lord’s Prayer aloud together
  • Gather family to pray together. Each Family member can share a prayer. You can start with a simple prayer. If a child is unsure what to pray for, you can prompt them, “is there someone you want to pray for? [grandma? friends at school?} or “Thank God for one good thing that happened.”
  • When you put a child to bed, pray the Lord’s Prayer together.
How to Pray with Children – Children will model what you do.
  • Prayer is talking to God.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Anything is ok. It is perfectly acceptable for a child to pray for their cat.
  • Give thanks; ask for help with something
  • End with “In Jesus’ name, Amen.”
Create a routine of saying Grace before you eat a meal.
As we see lines at the grocery stores, and some families worry about their next meal or next paycheck, we can thank God for THIS food at THIS moment. Click Here for some sample prayers.
Prayers during This Time
 It is always a privilege for us to pray for you. Contact us online 24/7 or call us during business hours M-F 8:30am-4:30pm
On Monday, March 23 The Church Office Phones will be down during the afternoon for an upgrade. Please email us if you need to contact us.
klamb@saintdunstans.org squiroga@saintdunstans.org lriggs@saintdunstans.org