SUNDAY, MARCH 22, 2020
              I am once again sending a prayer and my sermon manuscript for today. I hope you will take some time on this Lord’s day to offer a heartfelt prayer for all those who are suffering from COVID-19 and all the health care workers and others who are caring for those who are afflicted. Please also pray for researchers and others who are working on developing a vaccine as well as effective treatment options.
           I am also sending a message from our Administrator, Lou Lescas. As I mentioned last week, although we are, by necessity, taking a hiatus from gathering together for worship, our expenses are not taking a hiatus. Please continue to support the ministries of St. John’s even when you can’t be physically present.
           Bishop Peggy Johnson has directed all of the churches of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference to abide by the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The recommendation is not to meet in groups of 40 more for eight weeks which would bring us to May 9 from the date the directive was issued. Therefore, we have been working diligently on preparing our A/V system and our website to be capable of live-streaming our worship services. Starting next Sunday, March 29 we will be having one live-streamed worship service at 10 am each Sunday. You will be invited to worship with us by accessing our website. Further instructions will be forthcoming prior to next weekend.
I hope you will bring your fears and other concerns before God this morning, but I hope you will also remember to thank God for your many blessings today!
                                                                       Pastor Janice
Sermon Manuscript - Pastor Janice

What a Friend We Have In Jesus
John 4: 1-26

              There’s an old hymn that has a LOT of power right now. We’re trying so hard to navigate our way through what feels like a CRISIS. We’re trying so hard to keep one another healthy. And over the last week or so, we’ve learned a lot about what that requires. It requires a lot of sacrifice. We can’t go about our lives as usual. Aside from perhaps a trip to the CVS or to the supermarket, most of us are stuck at home. Stores, shops, restaurants, and even gyms are closed. My dentist’s office closed and had to reschedule my appointment this week (oh, the horrors). The kids are home from school, and worse yet is the fact that we can’t even gather in groups of 10 or more – so churches are closed. Many of us are either working from home or we’re out of work altogether. And most of all, we miss getting together with our friends. 

Alabama - What A Friend We Have In Jesus (Live)
A Message from our Administrator, Lou Lescas
Dear St John’s Congregants and Friends,
We hope that you and your families are well, as our habits change amid the COVID-19 spread.
We also know that financially supporting St John’s is important to you. Our work in helping members and our reaching out to our community will not stop because of this public health challenge.
You can always mail us your offering. Our mail is checked every day, and deposits will be made once a week, just like always. In addition, St John’s uses Vanco e-Giving tools, so you can continue to support our work using your mobile phone or desktop, during the week or during our live streaming services.
St John’s is a strong community. We will weather this together, even if we’re not all in services. As we alter the way we all operate, please consider mailing in your donation, or making a gift via safe and secure e-Giving- our giving text number is 877 960 2396 (please type amount of your donation on text line & you will be walked through competing your donation).
or you can use the Give + App, from the App Store. You can also give via our website (StJohnsIvyland.com) – simply click on the “give” tab at the upper right corner. 
If you have any questions, please call me at 215 828 5528, or email me at  stjohns820@gmail.com
Thank you,
Lou Lescas
St John's Ivyland UMC
St. John's Ivyland
820 Almshouse Road, Ivyland, PA 18974
215-357-6998, stjohnsivyland.com
Rev. Janice A. Puliti