NEWS from Pastor Robin
Our Worship Service/Experience for March 22nd!

Dear Friends in Jesus - well, here is the EMAIL with all the "links" that you need for the Worship Service for this weekend! The links take you to YouTube OR our website - you will see the video that I produced for this there will be links to other resources for your spiritual growth and encouragement.

You can download a bulletin to follow along (all the lyrics to the songs and responsive readings and bible readings are in the bulletin) OR you can drive by Our Savior's and pick up a bulletin. Laurie Janssen produced a bunch of bulletins for you to have instead of downloading one. It is up to you!

I would encourage you to also check out the other churches in Long Valley that are worshipping just as we are. I'm including links to their worship experiences if you would like to check them out!

As far as our "OFFERING" time...obviously, there is no plate to pass...but I encourage you (as Vicky and I have already done) to mail your offering to the church (PO Box 912 McCall for Our Savior's and PO Box 37 Cascade for Shepherd of the Mountains.

Good prayer I found today!

God of All Wisdom, Father of All Light, Lord who knows all,

You know our past and our future,
You know our inner worlds and our outer worlds,
You know our thoughts and our desires,

You know Truth,
You alone are Wisdom,
You know,

We don’t.
We think we do.
We are foolish.
We are being reckless.

Grant to us the Wisdom of Love,
To love our neighbors enough to stay home,
To cherish the elderly enough to stay home,
To honor those who come after us and those ahead of us by staying home,

That we may protect one another,
That we may turn the curve of the virus down,
That we may do our part in the world of ending this deadly sickness.

Through Christ our Lord, who lives with you and the Holy Spirit,
One God.
Now and Forever.

Wow, who would have ever guessed that this would occur! You know, this is a great way to practice what the CHURCH really is...more than a building and a place but a "scattered" people throughout our community. There's a part of me that is SO EXCITED about hearing the stories of how God blessed us in our "decentralized" congregations this weekend. Remember, we'll be doing Lenten service this Wednesday on Facebook Live and YouTube Live (I'll send out links as we get closer to next Wednesday) and we'll be doing THIS way of worship on the 29th of March. So, praise God for you...if you feel led to do so, get together with others for this worship time! See how the Spirit leads you in asking friends or neighbors to join you. We will be joining you in prayer...joining you in encouraging others...joining you in glorifying God...joining you in compassion for those suffering. Would you join us in being positive and affirming? Yes! And continue to join us in making good choices to keep all of us healthy!

All my love to you in Jesus,

More information is available at our websites:


Reading - not canceled.
Family - not canceled.
Love - not canceled.
Music - not canceled.
Singing - not canceled.
Laughing - not canceled.
Sunsets - not canceled.
Hope - not canceled.
Jesus' presence - not canceled.
Rev. Dr. Robin J. Dugall
PO Box 1656, McCall, ID 83638