May 2, 2020
Sunday Worship Service - May 3, 2020, 10 a.m. (announcements at 9:45 a.m.)
It's Communion Sunday! Please have your elements ready to take together!
Send Your Pictures of Mothers Grandmothers
For Worship May 10th: As we share in worship on Mother’s Day, we would like to honor Mothers/Grandmothers and those who where like a Mother/Grandmother to you.  Send your pictures to Alyssa Baker ( ) by Wednesday, May 6 at 12:00 Noon. The pictures will be part of a special prelude.
Another Opportunity to be in Ministry
Last Fill the Food Truck this Tuesday
I received word that this will be the last week that they will be collecting food at St. Edwards. Therefore it is the final Tuesday Lori and I will have the Fill the Truck Tuesday Challenge!! All moneys that have been donated for Covid-19 Food will be spent for the food bank and grocery gift cards. So far we have delivered all food donated and purchased $1,260 in food from Costco from the cash donated. I will make a special purchase and delivery on Monday for items related to baby needs and hygiene. Tuesday will be the last chance to bring items to fill the truck from 9:30-12:00 at Morningside and make donations for Covid-19 food. Right now we have approximately $2,000 in the Covid-19 Food fund.

These are the items most in need:
** Baby Wipes
** Baby Formula
** Diapers
** Soap
** Cat Food and Cat Litter
** Pasta
** Peanut Butter
** Soup
** Kids Snacks
** Kids games, cards and coloring books

The gift cards are a project with the OR-ID Annual Conference and Cascadia District. Open Door Churches received $2,000 to support families in need by purchasing gift cards. We reached out to Mano a Mano in Salem who works with Hispanic families. They have at least 50 families in need and we responded with 50 family friendly grocery gift cards from Winco at $75 each for a total of $3,750.

Open Door Churches has done a great job responding to provide families food during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

Thanks, Wendy
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