Worship for October 4, 2020
Conference Wide Worship for Annual Meeting
Join United Church of Christ congregations and communities in Arizona, New Mexico, and El Paso, TX for Annual Meeting Worship. Sermon is given by our Conference Minister Rev. Dr. Bill Lyons. Watch via Facebook Live by clicking the button above (look for the live video) or stream from the Southwest Conference website

Annual Meeting is an expression of our polity in the United Church of Christ, which integrates autonomy and covenant into each setting of our life together as the church.
Call to Worship
Trauma is not destiny. It can look like destiny when people choose to blow their trauma through others. But when you make a deliberate choice not to pass on your trauma to others, that choice begins to mend some of the trauma. It changes what looks like a destiny of dirty, fear and shame pain into an experience of clean pain. Clean pain has a healing and transformative capacity that dirty pain does not. 
~Resmaa Menakem in My Grandmother’s Hands
We Celebrate With Music and Giving
As October begins, we celebrate how we are able to express our values in the voting booth. It’s time to make your family’s voting plan. Shadow Rock is a voting location, and we celebrate this way we give back to the community.

If YOU have a photo, video, or written greeting for Celebrations, please email Karen. It's a blessing to continue our connections as we gather separately.

Special Music
Thank you, Forrest and Carol for 'My Shepherd Will Supply My Need.'
Spirit of Life, Loving Center of the Universe, we gather in gratitude for the blessings of abundance we enjoy. Bless all gifts; bless all givers! Amen.

Your financial support of our community continues to be important and appreciated. The needs of our own congregation and the needs of our beloved neighbors are growing and changing. Click here for Heidi’s Corner, our weekly financial update. 
Our Online Community Via Zoom
Adult Spiritual Formation - on hiatus this week
Adult Formation takes a short break this week in honor of Southwest Conference Annual Meeting. We’ll be back together on October 11 with a new topic: Redefining Allyship. What does it mean to stand with others? How can we practice being an ally in better, deeper, more intentional ways?

Communion - 11:00 am
Grab the communion elements (toast and coffee ~ crackers and tea... the possibilities are endless) or your choice for our celebration of the table of grace.

Word About Life for Today - 11:10 am
"The Political Philosophy of Jesus" by Rev. Ken Heintzelman

In this season, friends, we’re listening to the sermon live on Zoom right at 11:00 am. Please mute your microphone during the message. For on-the-spot tech assistance, call or text Karen at 623-466-4472.

Fellowship and Discussion -
Immediately following the sermon, with Zoom Breakout Rooms

Here are this week's questions from Pastor Ken:
  1. How is the sermon landing for you? Are you hearing the words of our covenant, core values, and the narrative of our wider tradition in our time together and in the sermon?
  2. Why is “politics” a dirty word?
  3. Can politics ever be done well?
  4. Can Jesus help us do politics well?
Announcements and Reminders
Your church staff continues to work both remotely and at the church office. The church office is open with limited staff presence on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. We want to keep one another safe and show our love for one another - in that loving spirit, masks that cover nose and mouth are required for staff and visitors.

Shadow Rock leadership continues to discuss dates and best practices for in-person experiences. We will continue to offer virtual worship throughout the fall. This is an ongoing conversation. Please contact Pastor Ken via email if you have questions.

Please check your email (Rock the Week on Wednesdays and this announcement space on Sundays) for updates and news about our community. 

Please reach out to the staff or any board member if you need help (including food, financial assistance or medication). You can always call the church office phone (602)993-0050 for instructions on how to connect with Pastor Ken, Lois, or preschool Director Liz Curry.