Worship for November 1, 2020
We're back on the radio this week, with two worship experiences: on Zoom and on campus via FM transmitter. We're grateful for technology and for people power that makes both experiences happen!

On campus, please keep safety and social distancing in mind.

Stay tuned, friends.
Mirabai Starr, on the contemplative life:

You meet your God in silence. In silence, your God speaks to you, and you understand the primordial language, and it resolves every quandary. This is why you thirst for the silence like a man hiking in the desert who has drunk the last drop in the bottle and does not know how long it will take to reach his car. This is why sometimes you race to your meditation cushion like a mother reunited with her child, and light and candle, drop your gaze, and sink into the embrace of silence. This is why you are not afraid of emptiness: It overflows with gracious plenitude. The God of Love lives here. 
~Wouldn’t it be nice if it were always this beautifully easy?~
Join Shadow Rock Spirit Radio Hour!
~via Zoom or from the SRUCC Parking Lot
Adult Spiritual Formation - 10:00 am on Zoom
We begin today a series on creative prayer practices. If you’re thinking, “Man, I’m not so good at prayer,” you’re in good company! We’ll be gentle with each other and recognize our gifts and our limitations. Today, our practice is settling our bodies.

Prelude - 10:50 am

Musical Call to Worship - 11:00 am
"Turn Your Radio On" ~ a special song from Forrest

Welcome ~ a good word from Pastor Ken

Welcome Song "America the Beautiful 2020"
with new verses by Jesse Palidofsky and John Morris

Announcements ~ Updates and Shenanigans from Pastor Ken
Our Symbolic Life Together
Opening Prayer ~ Led by Karen Richter

Choir Correspondent ~ Remote reporting from our intrepid choir director, Forrest Bachtel

A Word from Our Sponsors, Shadow Rock Snack Sack
~a brief commercial break~

Word About Life for Today
Message from Rev. Ken Heintzelman
"Resistance Is Not Futile"

As the election returns come in next week, it’s important to remember that we are a community. Not just a political community, or a Shadow Rock community, but a universal human community created by God and made whole by inclusion of - and justice for - all people. 

Follow along with Pastor Ken's liturgy from where you are, with communion elements of your choosing.
Zoom Celebrations and Discussion
Zoom Celebrations
It's a time of joyful chaos as we share celebrations between and among those joining the service by Zoom and those in the Parking Lot. From the Shadow Rock parking lot, please give your written celebrations (and prayer requests) to an usher. From our Zoom worship space, just speak up or drop it in the chat!

Fellowship and Discussion in Zoom Breakout Rooms
Here are this week's questions:
  1. How is the sermon landing for you these days? Do you hear the language of our covenant, values, and theology?
  2.  Can you live in the creative and unresolved tension of being a citizen of two authorities and the claims they make on you?

Re-Gathering in our Zoom Space
At this time, Zoom worshippers can share the insights of their breakout group and get an update on what's happening in the Parking Lot on Shadow Rock Radio.
Gifts and Prayers Shared On Air
Come ready to share, with a written celebration or prayer request!

A Word from Our Sponsors, Hours for Honor Society
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We Give and Receive: Gifts of Money, Gifts of Prayer and Compassion
Musical Offertory, shared by Julie Tuttle

Your financial support of our community continues to be important and appreciated. The needs of our own congregation and the needs of our beloved neighbors are growing and changing. Click here for Heidi’s Corner, our congregation's financial update. 

Prayer Requests and Pastoral Prayer

Sending Forth
One: May we be strengthened and softened for the week ahead.
All: Challenging times test our resolve and our compassion! May we rise to meet what is to come.
One: These are the times.
All: We are the people.
One: All of Creation is blessed.
All: May we love all and serve all.
One: May God be with you.
All: And also with you.
One: Amen.
All: Amen.

Sending Forth Song "Weave, Weave"