Worship for June 14, 2020
wise ones

No matter who you are
or where you are on life's journey,
you are welcome here!
We continue to change and refine this communication. Changes to our format today may more closely reflect the flow of your worship experience. Let anyone on the staff know if you have ideas or feedback.

Peace for your Sunday!
Opening Meditation
"Hands" - shared from Marilyn Rampley and Threshold Choir leaders
Welcome and Announcements
Please check your email frequently for updates and news about our community. Please reach out if you need help - you can always call the church office phone (602) 993-0050 for instructions on how to connect with Pastor Ken, Lois, or preschool Director Liz Curry.

Shadow Rock's staff and leadership continue to learn new ways to stay connected while our campus is closed. We appreciate your support and patience. Your ideas, suggestions, and input are both welcome and needed.

Today is Shadow Rock Shares Sunday! Our time together via Zoom will include celebrating what we're making or baking, writing or singing in these pandemic times. Our covenant calls us to a comprehensive view of life, seeing fully and clearly both good and bad. Our sharing of creativity and humor doesn't mean that we're denying the pain, isolation, and sickness that Covid19 has brought on so many. It's difficult to stand in this tension, but it's our calling as a community of faith and conscience.
Call to Worship and Opening Prayer
Call to Worship
Shared by Karen Richter
We’ve been encouraging each other to light a candle wherever you are on Sunday mornings as you read or listen to the Call to Worship. Candles (and other forms of fire) are ancient symbols of the presence of God.

Traditional Calls to Worship often include language asking God to “send” the Holy Spirit to the gathered people. How do we open worship when we understand that God’s presence is already among us? As we gather for liturgy, song, and prayer, we don’t need to wait for the Spirit to arrive. We may even imagine that it is the Spirit who grants us the impetus to gather ourselves and the impulse to pause in wonder.

Opening Prayer
From Praying a New Story by Michael Morwood

We gather, conscious that the Spirit of Wisdom 
moves in each of us as it has moved in all people
since the beginning of human life,
working in and through whom and what it has to work with.

May we be wise in our sharing today, ready to listen,
open to learning where new insights and knowledge may take us,
May we draw on wisdom that stands the test of time.
May we become courageous enough to discard
whatever can no longer sustain our faith.

We pray that our gathering may allow the Spirit of Wisdom
to be expressed here as graciously and as clearly
as is humanly possible.
We Celebrate With Music and Giving
Special Music

And we will care for each other
As the world around us unravels
And we will tend to the spark
of hope that lives within our grieving hearts
And we are here now, in this present moment
Lifting our voices and hearts
And we are here now, we have come together
We are tending the spark of hope
Oh may it grow
And we will care for each other

Friends, we are staying connected by sharing each other’s thoughts and celebrations. Please send your celebrations (picture, words, or video) to Pastor Ken at ken@shadowrockucc.org . If you need some tech help with this, please let us know.
Great Spirit, we send voices of deep gratitude for the abundant provision from your Field of Plenty for our families, our guests, our neighborhoods, our church. We honor the bodies of plants and animals that nourish us. We honor each hand that had a part in providing food and comfort to us this day. In this spirit of generosity, we are privileged to give.

Thank you for your love and support of Shadow Rock. Right now, your financial support is more important than ever. Shadow Rock leadership offers a special appreciation to E-givers, as electronic giving provides consistent cash flow and support for our ministries. For the weekly giving update, please click here for Heidi’s Corner .  If you’d like to try E-giving or would like to donate to any of the special offerings please follow these links to Donate Now , or contact Heidi .

If you are in need of food, utility assistance, water, or medications, please contact any staff or board member.
The Word About Life For Today
"Interview with a Shadow Rock Warrior"
Pastor Ken Visits With Brittany Wideman
Message - The Cathedral Within
Shared by Rev. Ken Heintzelman
Our Online Community Via Zoom
Connections via Zoom Videoconference
If you have trouble and need assistance or if you would like to join by voice only, please reach out to a member of the staff for on-the-spot tech support.
Karen Richter karen@shadowrockucc.org ~
voice or text at 623-466-4472
Heidi Zinn heidi@shadowrockucc.org ~
voice or text at 480-510-4202

Adult Spiritual Formation Discussion at 10:30 am
We’re in a super-practical skill building series on the basics of pastoral care. To participate in today’s discussion, click the Zoom link at the top of this box at 10:30 am. We’re discussing the pastoral care skill of perseverance today. Click this link for a handout with considerations connected to consistency in our care for one another.

Fellowship and Shadow Rock Shares at 11:00 am
Take a look at projects and hobbies from Shadow Rock friends via Zoom Screensharing. Thanks to everyone who sent updates, videos, and pictures.
Words for Mission and Sending Forth
The world waits for the light we have to offer – 
Who will keep the light burning in our day?
Who will take the light into the world?
Who will carry the light to our neighbors?
Who will carry the light if we do not?

These are the times.
We are the people.
All of Creation is blessed.
May we love all and serve all.
May God be with you.

Sending Forth Music
"Those Who Wait On the Lord," a Shadow Rock favorite to sing from wherever you may be.