Worship for June 28, 2020
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Congregational Meeting and Worship
No matter who you are
or where you are on life's journey,
you are welcome here!
Opening Meditation

for mama 

remember this.
she is standing by 
the furnace. 
the coals 
glisten like rubies. 
her hand is crying. 
her hand is clutching 
a sheaf of papers.
she gives them up. 
they burn 
jewels into jewels. 
her eyes are animals. 
each hank of her hair 
is a serpent's obedient 
she will never recover. 
remember. there is nothing 
you will not bear 
for this woman's sake.

~Lucille Clifton
Shared via The Salt Project (link in the button below)
Welcome and Announcements
Please check your email frequently for updates and news about our community. If you missed the letter from Pastor Ken about July Sabbath and our new small group ministry, please reach out to Abeth via email. Information and draft minutes from this morning’s congregational meeting will be available soon. Please email Lois for details.

Shadow Rock's staff and leadership continue to learn new ways to stay connected while our campus is closed. We appreciate your support and patience. Your ideas, suggestions, and input are both welcome and needed. Please reach out if you need help - you can always call the church office phone (602)993-0050 for instructions on how to connect with Pastor Ken, Lois, or preschool Director Liz Curry.
Call to Worship and Opening Prayer
Call to Worship
Shared by Karen Richter
We’ve been encouraging each other to light a candle wherever you are on Sunday mornings as you read or listen to the Call to Worship. Candles (and other forms of fire) are ancient symbols of the presence of God.

Empowering God, when the road ahead looms endless, empower us to be companions for one another along the road.

Inspiring God, when the road forward is blocked, inspire in us creative responses that move us beyond the barriers.

Enabling God, when the road before us divides, enable us to feel your presence luring us on.

Opening Prayer
God, Creativity Action, You come to expression in us.
In us, Spirit can be generous, loving, creative, happy, delighted, sad, and disappointed as nowhere else. 

We express our sorrow for the limits we have put on God’s Spirit at work in us, by our unbelief, our lack of understanding, our disconnection, our apathy. We act as if disconnection from God, from our neighbor, from the planet were even possible! 

We search our hearts:
In what ways do my words and actions mirror disconnection?
To whom should I make amends?
What work of re-connection is mine to do?

We open our minds and hearts anew to the presence of Spirit in us. May God-in-us find kind and courageous expression in our words and actions. May we take on actions that make God’s Realm evident now. Amen.
We Celebrate With Music and Giving
Friends, this time in our worship that we call ‘Celebrations’ has a long and cherished history in our life together. It’s harder right now than we’re used to. And yet, we are staying connected by sharing the ups and downs, beauties and difficulties, in each other’s lives. We need to hear from you! Please send your celebrations - pictures, words, or video in whatever format - to Pastor Ken at ken@shadowrockucc.org. If you need some tech help with this, please let us know.

Special Music
Oh my mama told me
'Cause she say she learned the hard way
Say she want to spare the children
She say don't give or sell your soul away
'Cause all that you have is your soul

Don't be tempted by the shiny apple
Don't you eat of a bitter fruit
Hunger only for a taste of justice
Hunger only for a world of truth
'Cause all that you have is your soul

I was a pretty young girl once
I had dreams I had high hopes
I married a man he stole my heart away
He gave his love but what a high price I paid
And all that you have is your soul

Don't be tempted by the shiny apple
Don't you eat of a bitter fruit
Hunger only for a taste of justice
Hunger only for a world of truth
'Cause all that you have is your soul
God, call us anew to generosity! Your blessing falls on all gifts and all givers, experienced as a whisper of encouragement or a breeze of possibilities. Remind us of abundance and connection.

Thank you for your love and support of Shadow Rock. Right now, your financial support is more important than ever. Shadow Rock leadership offers a special appreciation to E-givers, as electronic giving provides consistent cash flow and support for our ministries. For the weekly giving update, please click here for Heidi’s Corner. If you’d like to try E-giving or would like to donate to any of the special offerings please follow these links to Donate Now , or contact Heidi .

If you are in need of food, utility assistance, water, or medications, please contact any staff or board member.
The Word About Life For Today
"The Heart of a Public Servant"
Pastor Ken Interviews Judy Schwiebert
Message - The Cathedral Within, Part 3
Shared by Rev. Ken Heintzelman
Our Online Community Via Zoom
Connections via Zoom Videoconference
If you have trouble and need assistance or if you would like to join by voice only, please reach out for on-the-spot tech support.
Karen Richter karen@shadowrockucc.org ~
voice or text at 623-466-4472

Congregational Meeting at 10:00 am
Sign onto the Zoom link above at 10:00 am for our mid-year congregational meeting. We'll use the tools of Zoom to look at the agenda and materials together, so don't worry about bringing anything with you.

Adult Spiritual Formation Discussion at 10:30 am
This morning is our last spiritual formation discussion until August. We’ll continue on the Zoom meeting (following the congregational meeting, around 10:30 am) for a final discussion of pastoral care. Come ready to discuss your experiences giving and receiving compassionate care. Looking for some specific formation content this fall? Please email Karen with questions, requests, and suggestions. 
Everyone is welcome - expect a great conversation!

Fellowship and Passing the Peace at 11:00 am
Grab an extra cup of coffee if you choose and spend some time with your church family.
Words for Mission and Sending Forth
Let there now be a silence among us…
( Silence )

May God’s stillness and peace rest upon us.
May God’s presence permeate all our living.
May God’s blessing bloom around us.

( Silence )

These are the times.
We are the people.
All of Creation is blessed.
May we love all and serve all.
May God be with you. (And also with you!)

Sending Forth Music
"Peace Like a River," sing with joy (and with the motions!) from wherever you may be. This song is a great match for Forrest's spirit. Enjoy!