Worship for June 7, 2020
god is still speaking with comma
No matter who you are
or where you are on life's journey,
you are welcome here!
Let's Get Started

Faith Formation
We’re in a super-practical skill building series on the basics of pastoral care. To participate in today’s discussion, click the Zoom link at the bottom of this email at 10:30 am (in other words, just sign onto the Zoom link a little early). We’re discussing the pastoral care skill of listening today. Click this link for a handout with considerations connected to listening.

You'll find more formation resources (Spirituality Thursday videos) on the Shadow Rock Facebook page.
Opening Meditation
Wendell Berry’s “Manifesto: the Mad Farmer Liberation Front” with art from The SALT Project
Welcome and Announcements
Please check your email frequently for updates and news about our community. Please reach out if you need help - you can always call the church office phone (602) 993-0050 for instructions on how to connect with Pastor Ken, Lois, or preschool Director Liz Curry.

Shadow Rock's staff and leadership continue to learn new ways to stay connected while our campus is closed. We appreciate your support and patience. Your ideas, suggestions, and input are both welcome and needed.

June 14 is Shadow Rock Shares Sunday! What are you making or baking, knitting or painting, writing or singing in these pandemic times? Our covenant calls us to a comprehensive view of life, seeing fully and clearly both good and bad. What will you share and how? The possibilities are endless! Email Karen with your words, pictures, or videos to share creativity or boredom projects with Shadow Rock friends. 
Call to Worship and Opening Prayer
Call to Worship
Shared by Karen Richter
We’ve been encouraging each other to light a candle wherever you are on Sunday mornings as you read or listen to the Call to Worship. Candles (and other forms of fire) are ancient symbols of the presence of God.

We light this flame as a symbol
of the creativity of our faith:
the creativity to explore new avenues of religious insight;
the creativity to develop a caring community;
the creativity to envision a world of peace and freedom. 
As we are warmed by our candles, we pause to savor a moment. 
Acknowledging that each new day is a gift.
Each new phase of life brings generous possibilities.
Each new question brings learning and growth. 

Praying with Our Bodies
Learn to Pass the Peace in American Sign Language

Opening Prayer: A House Blessing
From Common Prayer: a Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals

As we find ourselves at home more, we ground our spirits and bodies in the place we live.

May the Spirit give a blessing to this house.
Holy One, bless this house from roof to floor,
from wall to wall,
from end to end
from its foundation and in its covering.
In the strong name of God - 
All disturbance cease and God’s Spirit alone dwell within.

We call upon Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer
to save, shield, and surround
this house, this home,
this day, this night and every night.
We Celebrate With Music and Giving
Special Music
We Are the People by Travis Meyers

Friends, this is an audio-only Dropbox link which might look different for you than some links we've used before. After you click, press Play in the lower left of your screen.

Friends, we are staying connected by sharing each other’s thoughts and celebrations. Please send your celebrations (picture, words, or video) to Pastor Ken at [email protected] . If you need some tech help with this, please let us know.
God, Creator of All,
In your wisdom you have gifted each of us
in unique and grace-filled ways. 
Our image of the Divine is incomplete
if we do not fully see one another.
For the goodness in our lives - communal and separate
For the abundance of Creation all around us
For the opportunity to give and to serve: 
We are thankful.

Today we’re collecting the United Church of Christ special offering Strengthen the Church . This offering supports the expansion of ministry and growth of UCC local congregations. Your support will help the UCC fulfill its commitment to investing in new ministries and practices that meet the needs of local communities.

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If you are in need of food, utility assistance, water, or medications, please contact any staff or board member.
The Word About Life For Today
Pastor Ken's Interview with Hubert Hirwa
"Reflections on Black Lives Matter"
Message - Wrapping Up Our Discussion of Essential Functions: What have we learned?
Shared by Rev. Ken Heintzelman

Guiding wisdom from our tradition can be found in Acts 2: 37-47
“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.”
Words for Mission and Sending Forth
Go into this week, 
held together by the love of God
Moving toward the maturity and strength of Jesus the Christ
reinforced by the encouragement of the Holy Spirit.

These are the times.
We are the people.
All of Creation is blessed.
May we love all and serve all.
May God be with you.

Sending Forth Music
"Every Time I Feel the Spirit," a Shadow Rock favorite to sing from wherever you may be.
Our Online Community Via Zoom
Connections via Zoom Videoconference
Adult Spiritual Formation Discussion at 10:30 am
Communion and Fellowship at 11:00 am

If you have trouble and need assistance or if you would like to join by voice only, please reach out to a member of the staff for on-the-spot tech support.
Karen Richter [email protected] ~
voice or text at 623-466-4472
Heidi Zinn [email protected] ~
voice or text at 480-510-4202

Communion Liturgy
Led by Rev. Kenneth Heintzelman

In faith and love, gathered in many places,
we celebrate the brightness of community
and the summer season.

At our tables we give thanks for friends and strangers. 
At our tables we welcome old and young.
May God be with you.

God of the summer’s day,
All: Praise and wonder be.
God of the lingering sunset and early dawn,
All: Praise and wonder be.
God of the hot breeze and the welcome shade,
All: Praise and wonder be.

All creation blesses the Source of Energy and Life.
For all things bright and beautiful.
For all things dark and mysterious and lovely.
For all things green and growing and strong.
For all things weak and struggling to push life up through rocky earth.
For all human faces, hearts, minds, and hands which surround us.
And for all non human minds and hearts, paws and claws, fins and wings...
All: Praise and wonder be.

In our praise and thanksgiving we also remember the ways of Jesus
who walked the dusty roads of Galilee,
who taught from seashore and mountainside,
who told stories of the sower and the seed,
the lilies of the field, and the birds of the air.
May we, too, know your presentness in the beauty of creation.

Through grain and grape, bread and wine,
We remember.
Be present with us now, Enfolding God,
as we share this symbolic meal.
Let your Holy Spirit brood among us and upon
and through this Bread and Wine.