Worship for July 12, 2020

Sabbath Embracing Storytime
The Hug Machine by Scott Campbell
We're spending some time in Sabbath appreciating the wonder of childhood. Thanks to the Spencer Family for letting us drop virtually into storytime. Who or what will we embrace in this season of Sabbath? Charlotte and Eleanor have some ideas.

Bonus Storytime: Extremely Cute Animals Operating Heavy Machinery by David Gordon (anti-bullying and inclusion)
Sabbath Framing and Reflection
What's going on with July Sabbath and what are we going to be talking about? Click the button above for encouraging words and some Sabbath framing from Pastor Ken.

Embracing implies being very intentional about what we are doing. This means being very mindful of how and why we do what we do. What helps you foster this mindfulness?

Embracing Sabbath values as an individual is important but embracing such values as a community of faith is powerful. How can Shadow Rock’s embracing of Sabbath values work for peace and justice?

We cannot offer anything to anyone if we do not first embrace it for ourselves. What Shadow Rock values are you embracing in this season? How will you offer that gift to others?
Call to Worship
Today we will consider many aspects of Sabbath Embracing—
Embracing with our hearts and minds, means making choices.
Embracing means making different choices from the ones we usually make.
Let us choose to embrace time over space.
We embrace giving instead of requiring.
We embrace our calling in life over our occupations.
We embrace the wholeness of God’s shalom 
over the fractured peacekeeping of human striving.
We embrace the world.
We embrace our place in the universe over our roles in society.
Our Sabbath Time is here!
We Celebrate With Music and Giving
Thanks to the Spiritual Direction and Photography group for sharing pictures for Celebrations today. Today's photo today is from Peg Hesley.

Special Music
We are trying to lift one another's spirits in these days. Thanks Forrest and Carol for reminding us about our core value of inclusion with ' No Matter Who .'
Spirit of Life,we pause to breathe in a sense of July Sabbath. As we settle, may we notice a spirit of gratitude and ease rising in our spirits. Gratitude and ease bring us to generosity. Bless our giving; bless our gifts.  Amen.

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The Word About Life For Today
Interview Series - "Revolution of the Soul"
Pastor Ken Interviews Mitzi Lynton
This new set of interviews highlight our core value of spirituality. This week, Mitzi brings us a Religious Science/New Thought perspective on Sabbath.
Our Online Community Via Zoom
Coffee Chat Discussion and Fellowship at 11:00 am
Pastor Ken will be leading a conversation around Sabbath values and practices. How are your July practices going this year?
Announcements and Reminders
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