Worship for August 23, 2020

Building Up the Worshiping Community
Opening Reflection

‘making space for more’ by Richard Rohr from just this

To be truly conscious, we must step back from our compulsive identification with our unquestioned attachment to our isolated selves. Pure consciousness is never just me, trapped inside my self. Rather, it is an observing of “me” from a distance - from the viewing platform kindly offered by God which we call the Indwelling Spirit. Then we see with eyes much larger and other than our own.
Most of us do not understand this awareness because we are totally identified with our own passing thoughts, feelings, and compulsive patterns of perception. We have no proper distance from ourselves, which ironically would allow us to see our radical connectedness with everything else. Such radical connectedness is holiness.
Call to Worship
"Ollie," Shared by Marilyn Rampley
We Celebrate With Music and Giving
If you have a photo, video, or written greeting for Celebrations, please email Karen. We celebrate the richness and diversity of life!

Special Music
Thanks Forrest and Carol for 'You'll Never Walk Alone.'
Spirit of Life, We are anxious in this season, waiting for cooler weather and quenching rains. We long to be with one another. We are learning gratitude and patience, but slowly. May we grasp the opportunity to lean into abundance and giftedness. Amen.

Your financial support of our community continues to be important and appreciated. The needs of our own congregation and the needs of our beloved neighbors are growing and changing. Click here for Heidi’s Corner, our weekly financial update. 
Our Online Community Via Zoom
Adult Spiritual Formation -
Exploring the Iceberg Model of Culture at 10:00 am

The iceberg model is a way of talking about how unexplored assumptions and values influence action, relationships, and speech. Today, we move closer to home as we look at Shadow Rock's community culture. Why are we doing this work? Because when we are aware of our own culture, we can make sure that culture does not become a source of pain or unwelcome for others.

Word About Life for Today -
by Rev. Ken Heintzelman at 11:00 am

In this season, friends, we’re listening to the sermon live on Zoom right at 11:00 am. If you have questions about what to expect or want to hear some self-care suggestions to prevent Zoom-related burnout, please use the chat box.

Coffee Chat and Discussion
Immediately following the sermon
We're getting more adept at the online tools available to us. Today we'll be using the feature 'Breakout Rooms' to allow for more personalized discussion. This is our second opportunity to use Breakout Rooms, and they are such fun. Think about the Breakout Rooms being just like the tables at Coffee Chat - a chance to get to know folks and have a great talk.
Announcements and Reminders
Church Office Update: Your church staff continues to work remotely and serve our community in a deployed way. At the same time, we have taken an opportunity to reassess. The church office will be opening with limited staff presence on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. We want to keep one another safe and show our love for one another - in that loving spirit, masks are required for staff and visitors.

Please check your email (Rock the Week on Wednesdays and this announcement space on Sundays) for updates and news about our community. 

Please reach out to the staff or any board member if you need help (including food, financial assistance or medication). You can always call the church office phone (602)993-0050 for instructions on how to connect with Pastor Ken, Lois, or preschool Director Liz Curry.