April 3, 2021

Dear Beloved St. Paul’s UMC and Wesley Foundation Family,

Grace and peace to you, friends, in the name of our risen Savior, Jesus Christ! As we celebrate Easter this year, I am resonating with Mary’s experience, as the Gospel of John tells it, both as she weeps for the loss she has known, and as she rejoices for the new life that has been revealed to her. We feel both of these, too, don’t we? In the midst of this pandemic, we feel the tremendous loss in ways we cannot even verbalize or fully comprehend, yet we also celebrate new opportunities, new connections, new relationships, and new life. This is Easter: that in the midst of death, we are in life! In the midst of our tears, there is also joy, because death is not the final word. He is risen! Join us, as we worship together, by clicking here.

Our Children Tell the Story: Please be sure and check out this video, edited by Kyler Albert, which tells the story of the last days of Jesus’ life, all the way through the joy of the resurrection, and stars several of our young people. Thanks to the many who acted, read, organized, played music, and made this happen. We pray it will be a blessing to you on this Easter.

There is no Sunday School or Small Group Discussion today.

My friends, may you know the unthinkable joy of the resurrection today, and in the days ahead, even in the midst of the broken path on which we continue to travel together. Look for more information this coming Wednesday about our plans for the next few months. Together, we will continue to live into the good news for all people: love wins!

Pastor Greg
Order of Worship
Greeting: Rev. Greg Milinovich

Call to Worship: Rev Becky McGee
One: Out of the brokenness of grief and despair comes a message of hope. Christ is risen.
All: Christ is risen, indeed!
One: We run to the tomb to see for ourselves. And it is true. Christ is risen!
All: Christ is risen, indeed!
One: We hear a voice call our name, and we know our risen Lord is with us now and always.
All: Christ is risen! Christ is risen, indeed! Thanks be to God.

Opening Hymn: “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today” (UMH 302, vs. 1-4)

Prayer of Confession: Rev. Sarah Voigt
Loving God, we confess that at times we do not share in the joy of the resurrection but are caught in the worries of the world. We confess that we do not always live in the spirit of new life but remain discontent, grumbling and anxious. Forgive us for not sharing in the Good News. Forgive us when we find it more comfortable to worry and complain in our brokenness, than to risk the joy and encouragement of healing and new life in Christ. Call us back to Your ways, O God, to seek hope and reconciliation, restoration and peace. In the name of the Risen Christ, we pray. Amen.

Words of Assurance

Passing the Peace

Children’s Message: Ted Voigt

Scripture: John 20:1-18 (NRSV) – Marcia Perdew

Message: “The Broken Way: Resurrection” – Rev. Greg Milinovich

Hymn: “Now the Green Blade Riseth” (UMH 311)

Pastoral Prayer


Closing Hymn: “Christ is Alive” (UMH 318)


Discussion Questions:

  • What brokenness makes you weep?

  • Why do you think hearing Jesus say her name caused Mary to understand it was Jesus? What implication does this have for us?

  • Can you point to any ways that God is breaking the brokenness around us? And can you identify any ways God is calling you to share in that work?

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