June 5, 2021

Dear Beloved St. Paul’s UMC and Wesley Foundation Family,

Grace and peace to you, beloved friends. I am so excited to enter with you into our next phase of our regathering plan. Tomorrow, June 6th, we will have 80 people worshiping together in the sanctuary while others worship at the same time using the livestream we’ve used the past two weeks, which you can find on YouTube on our channel, St. Paul’s UMC State College. In order to find our live service (which will go live around 9:55 AM), please click here and then click on the box near the middle of the screen that says “live” in red on the bottom right corner. The service will begin at 10:00 AM, and we hope you will join us at that time.   

If you miss worship at 10:00 AM, do not worry, you can always join us by watching it in its entirety later, by navigating to the link above.

Small Group Discussion
Now that we have transitioned to in-person worship and a livestream, we are continuing to meet together on zoom at 11am for some small group discussion regarding the themes of worship. We would love to have you join us on Sunday, June 6th at 11am on Zoom. You can join us by clicking here (if you are using the Zoom App, the meeting ID is: 859 0584 5591 and the Password is: stpauls). It’s never too late to join with others in relationship!

In today’s message, you will hear a reminder for us not to lose heart, as Paul reminded the Corinthian Church. And so, as we adjust to yet another way of doing things, and as we work through the inevitable hiccups and hurdles, let us not lose heart. Let us keep our eyes on the often unseen hope of new life, and let us emerge into this new season with a confidence in the upside-down power of God which takes what seems to be broken beyond repair, and brings from it something new and amazing. Let us embrace this new thing together, and not lose heart. 

Pastor Greg
Order of Worship
Prelude: Ryan Ditmer

Greeting: Rev. Greg Milinovich

Call to Worship
One: We give thanks to God with our whole selves:
All: our very lives are lifted in praise today!
One: As we have called out to God from different places
All: the Lord has heard our cry, and preserved us through our troubles.
One: The purposes God has for us will be fulfilled,
All: The steadfast love of the Lord endures forever!

Opening Hymn: “And Are We Yet Alive” (UMH 553)

Prayer of Confession: Rev. Becky McGee
One: God is merciful, and knows the prayers of our hearts, before we even utter them, and yet we join together in confession, acknowledging how important it is for us to admit where we need God’s grace. Let us confess together:
All: God of all Love, we admit that this has been a challenge: wearing masks, staying distanced, foregoing traditions and routines. We have sometimes lost patience, and sometimes fallen prey to the voices of unhealthy fear and anxiety and within and beyond ourselves. We have felt torn between what it means to demonstrate care for all your children, while pursuing comfort for ourselves. Where we have fallen short in this tension, forgive us. Where we have made idols of comfort, of normalcy, or even of fear, forgive us, and free us to a more joyful obedience to you, in the name of Love. Amen. 

Words of Assurance

Passing the Peace

Children’s Message: Jeff Helffrich

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1 (NRSV) – Glenn Albert

Message: “Growing in a New Season” – Rev. Greg Milinovich

Pastoral Prayer


Closing Hymn: “Faith, While Trees Are Still in Blossom” (UMH 508)

Honoring of our High School Graduates


Postlude: Ryan Ditmer
Discussion Questions:

  • Let’s reflect! In the message today Pastor Greg spent some time reflecting back on the last 15-months. During this long season, what are some highlights for you in your own spiritual journey, as an individual, and as part of the community of faith?
  • Paul writes that even though the outer nature is wasting away, “we do not lose heart.” What does this phrase mean for you, and how have you experienced it?

  • Today’s service was meant to help us to focus not only on what is seen, but what is unseen, remembering that growth often happens under the ground, in the darkness, and in the difficult times. How are you “seeing” new growth emerge today?

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