“The earth laughs in flowers.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson
This Morning's Order of Worship
Rev. Frieda Gillespie, Interim Minister
Sam Chandler, Music Director
  • Welcome & Announcements
  • Prelude: Mother Nature's Son
  • Call to Worship: Good Morning, Good People!
  • Opening Hymn: #407 We're Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table
  • Lighting Our Chalice
  • Offertory: Blackbird
  • Offering
  • Reading: The Sweetness of Dogs
  • Morning Message: Bless the Animals and Flowers
  • The Gardens
  • The Animals
  • Joys & Concerns
  • Unison Benediction
Welcome & Announcements
with Joanna Landsman, Board President
Welcome to our virtual worship service this Sunday, June 14th.
Mother Nature's Son by The Beatles, performed by Sam Chandler
Call to Worship
Good Morning, Good People! by William R. Murray

Good morning, good people! Good morning, animal friends!
These are the days that have been given to us;
let us rejoice and be glad in them.
These are the days of our lives;
let us live them well in love and service.
These are the days of mystery and wonder;
let us cherish and celebrate them in gratitude together.
These are the days that have been given to us;
let us make of them stories worth telling to those who come after us.
Opening Hymn
#407 We're Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table
Lighting Our Chalice
with Joy Ahrens, Worship Council Member
Blackbird by The Beatles, performed by Sam Chandler
Offering: Our Half-Plate
Estamos Aqui Fund was created by Mano en Mano as a mutual aid fund to support immigrants and farmworkers in Maine with financial challenges associated with COVID-19, especially those who are not eligible for government support right now. Anticipated needs of the people who plant and harvest are food could include housing, utilities, food, and more. Thank you for your generosity!
The Sweetness of Dogs by Mary Oliver, read by Joanna Landsman
Morning Message
Bless the Animals and the Flowers
 by Rev. Victoria Weinstein & Rev. Frieda Gillespie
The Gardens
The Flowers and Gardens of First U Members & Friends
Lyrics to "The Flowers," by Elephant Funeral

Maybe the sky only cries sometimes
Cause it’s scared that the flowers might die
Maybe the sun and the moon sacrificed
Their own love so that we could have life

Verse 1
There is too much to create and too much love to make
For me to spend even a moment with hate
Instead let’s give freely to all who might be
Less fortunate than ourselves so together we are free
Them from the wicked wind and starvation
And us from the sickness of this self preservation
Like why is everyone so scared to die
It’s no less natural than birth so I’m forced to ask why
Do we do everything in our power to try
And prolong this existence that we’ve grown to despise
Cause there is no soul to it it’s mundane
Day in and day out unfeeling and unchanged
Don’t let the compassion and empathy perish
These are the good gifts we were set to inherit
We are on people in need of grace and we can share it
Bringing beauty and life to a land that was barren

Chorus (x2)

Verse 2
There’s beauty in all of us but the fear hides it
But I’ve seen that with patience we can find it
And you might not always have someone there to remind you
That you’ve been strengthened not destroyed by all that lays behind you
But it’s true and if you could see yourself from my view
You’d know that the universe took its time on you
Drawing line after line of divine inspiration
Finely designed with great care you were shaped and
Please be aware that there are no mistakes here
Every breath in your lungs it is sacred
Making you a vessel that actually carries life
Bestowed with a light that can brighten the darkest night
And meet the morning sun as a friend and companion
And the moon as the same the shapeless void has been banished
And you are no longer stranded you are free
To become who it was that you were always meant to be

Chorus (x2)
The Animals
The Beloved Companions of First U Members & Friends
Joys and Concerns
You now have the opportunity to post your own joys and concerns on our virtual sharing board. Share your own or read what others have to share.
Unison Benediction
with Joy Ahrens, Worship Council Member
Here are the ways you can contact us at First Universalist:

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* You can contact Rev. Frieda at any time in an emergency. Home office hours are 10 am - 2 pm.
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