“There is too much hardship in this world to not find joy, every day. There is too much injustice in this world to not right the balance, every day. There is too much pain in this world to not heal, every day.” - Rev. Darcy Roake
This Morning's Order of Worship
  • Welcome & Announcements
  • Call to Worship
  • Opening Hymn: "When the Spirit Says Sing"
  • Lighting Our Chalice
  • Time for All Ages: "Hair Love"
  • Offertory
  • Morning Message: "Calling"
  • Joys & Concerns
  • Closing Hymn: "What Wondrous Love This Is"
  • Closing Words: "Be About the Work"
  • Postlude: "This Too Shall Pass"
  • Coffee Hour: Live! at 12 pm
Welcome & Announcements
Welcome to our virtual worship service this Sunday, March 22nd.

We hope that you have managed to stay well, feel connected, and started to adjust to your new routines. Please remember that your church community is here for you and that you can contact us for both practical assistance and spiritual and emotional support.

Please take a deep breath, settle in, and join together across distances for this service.
Call to Worship
by Tyler Knott Greyson
What if we explored inward,
instead of out? What if we 
went on long vacations, 
trips of discovery and 
inside ourselves,
seeking understanding
of all we expect others
to understand?
I wonder often of the calm
that would float across
the surfaces of this place,
if we spent more time
fixing the broken bits 
in ourselves, rather
than pointing out the 
in everyone
Opening Hymn
"When the Spirit Says Sing," sung by Raffi
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Lighting Our Chalice
words adapted from Judith L. Quarles
As we light our chalice today
Let us remember that we are part of a great community of faith.

May this dancing flame inspire us to fulfill our lives with the Unitarian Universalist values of love, justice, and truth.

We light our chalice in peace and friendship.
Time for All Ages
Watch the Oscar-winning animated short film "Hair Love." After watching, consider these questions with your family:
  • Traditions are important in families, and in this film, one of the traditions is that the mother does the hair of her daughter. In your home, who is in charge of helping kids with their daily routines? Why do you think that the job is done by that person? What are some struggles or challenges that you remember while getting ready in the morning?
  • "Embracing the curls of life" can be a quote that talks about hair and also the twisty and bendy parts that can be challenges in your day. What are some of the curls that have happened in recent days that have made things challenging for you? What can you do to help yourself with those challenges?

And try this activity:
  • It's okay not to know how to do something. Think of something that you had not been able to do before you did some research (looked in books, talked to people, learned online) to figure it out. Draw a comic strip showing how you achieved your goal.

Want to dive deeper? Check out this viewing guide.
During this virtual worship we offer this gentle reminder that even though our church is closed, we are still here for you. Rev. Frieda, Gwen, Sam, and Andrea continue to carry on, providing valuable content and connection. This requires your continued financial support as you are able, so please remember to contribute whatever gift you intended for today’s service, and whatever you can give even as your own life faces uncertainty, by clicking the "Make Your Offering" button below (to contribute via PayPal), dropping a check or cash in the mail, or sending via your bank. We are here for you. The morning offering has now been requested.
Morning Message
Calling by Rev. Frieda Gillespie, Interim Minister
Please note that this link is an audio file of Rev. Frieda's morning message that she has recorded, hosted by Soundcloud. The link above will direct you to that web page.

While listening to Rev. Frieda's morning message, you may enjoy viewing a slideshow of your community from First U. Remember we're all still here for each other!
Joys and Concerns
We remain together in spirit. Please send your joys and concerns to Gwen by Wednesday at 9 am for next week's WORSHIP AT HOME. Here is what we have in our hearts today:

  • Leslie Livingston and Jill Copeland light a candle of hope for their son Kyle who will be driving home from college through the Midwest. They'd appreciate prayers for his safety both for driving and avoiding racist attitudes along the way.
  • We light a candle for all those we hold in our hearts today and every day. We honor those whose concerns are too tender to be spoken. 
Closing Hymn
"What Wondrous Love," sung by the St. Olaf College Choir
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Closing Words
Be About the Work by Andrea Hawkins-Kamper
May we see all as it is, and may it all be as we see it.
May we be the ones to make it as it should be,
For if not us, who? If not now, when?
This is answering the cry of justice with the work of peace,
This is redeeming the pain of history with the grace of wisdom,
This is the work we are called to do, and this is the call we answer now:
To be the barrier and the bridge,
To be the living embodiment of our Principles,
To be about the work of building the Beloved Community,
To be a people of intention and a people of conscience.
"This Too Shall Pass," by OK Go
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Coffee Hour: Live! at 12:00 pm
Please join us for a virtual coffee hour hosted on Zoom! (New to Zoom? Check out this informative guide .) 

You can join:
  • Online (this includes audio and optional video capabilities)
  • By landline or cell phone by calling: +1 929-205-6099 and then entering the Meeting ID: 379 697 489.
Here are the ways you can contact us at First Universalist:

Rev. Frieda Gillespie, Interim Minister flgillespie@gmail.com or call 508-207-7566
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